Dec 28, 2011

Living in a Glass House...

 Taking the notion of living in a glass house 
as a literal concept,
this home in Toorak would never be short of natural daylight.

 Look carefully at the stair treads. 
See how they are attached to one side only,
floating on the other?
Lovely detailing.
 Using black for the transoms (& frames) of the windows
helps to accentuate the horizontal lines of the rooms, 
so even though the spaces are large, 
they still feel homely and comfortable. 
 And wherever the eye falls, there is a sense of looking out through glass
to the changing seasons outside.
The front facade, interestingly, 
gives no clue to the open glass walls of the rest of the house. 
I love a good mystery! 
But when one walks through the white corridor 
from the front door, 
almost as a bridge,
the glass walls are revealed, layer by layer,
to create a space of intrigue and drama.

Would you love to live here?

Property location: 7 Maple Grove, Toorak, Melbourne
Agents & more images: Kay & Burton


  1. hereiamloulou28/12/11 9:03 AM

    Hi miss virginia,

    Well I'm not sure about all the glass - give me the *+.! Kicking view of the ocean with it and I think we'd be cooking!

    Then again I'd need a lot of winded wouldn't I?

    Hope you are well lovely lady :)

  2. Hi Loulou - back with a fighting spirit I see! The holiday break must have done you good. Then again, if you are thinking of ocean views, maybe a holiday by the coast is just what you are dreaming of? V xx

  3. Miss V

    Hope my comments aren't showing up hundreds of times - sorry if they are - I am having a cyber twitch at the moment x


  4. Georgica Pond28/12/11 3:32 PM

    Amazing and impressive but I couldn't live there, I need cosy and private.

  5. Heather in Arles28/12/11 9:20 PM

    As interesting as this house is, no can do. It would make me crazier than I already am! 


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