Dec 21, 2011

Holiday Decorating: Summer by the Beach: My Tree

 And after dreaming up 12 different decorating themes 
for the holidays this year, 
I decided to have a little fun with our own tree.
It's a rather tongue-in-cheek take 
on our heavenly summer Christmas in Australia, 
 with convertible cars, boats, lobsters, 
tableaux of cricketers...and well, you get the picture!

Presents are tied with huge bows of Japanese 
rice paper ribbons in seaweed green,
with lorrikeet feathers & hakea seedpods tucked in.
A couple of figurines are holding a Christmas message,
to set the scene in the hallway...
"Have yourself 
a Glamorously Sparkly little Christmas
& Happy Holidays"
she is saying.
The tree holds classic sports cars
perfect for summery afternoon picnics on the coast...
...and bikini clad swimmers ready to dive into sparkly waters.
There are bright red lobsters & crabs,
pineapples & blue swordfish.
Buckets & spades to make sand castles;
cocktail beach umbrellas & hibiscus flowers to make a pool party.
 The fairy on the top of the tree 
is dressed in summery blues, 
with Tiffany box in hand,
ready for a moonlit Christmas Eve soirée at the Yacht Club.
Perhaps she'll drive there in the vintage sports car.
And return home by speedboat.

 While those cricketers are just enjoying the Boxing Day match.

So I have had a little fun this year, 
with nary a bauble in sight.
The children just shake their heads 
& mutter something about having a crazy mother. 

Well perhaps, but I did catch them smiling...
and isn't that what the holidays should truly be about?...

All images: blue fruit.
And the beach? That's the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, 
which provided the inspiration.
Decorations are all from toy shops & party supply stores.


  1. Heather in Arles22/12/11 6:48 AM

    Hooray! Absolutely! You went right to the heart of it all. Wow, how much do I love this? Ah, but you are making it a tiny bit painful for all of us in colder climes, I must say!


  2. Oh dear! Heather that was definitely NOT the intention, and sorry about that. I am just trying to make a point that one can revel in whatever weather one finds oneself in at Christmastime - and celebrate the best of both options - be they ice skating in the Northern Hemisphere or yachting in the Southern. In Australia, we tend to cling on to the notion of a white Christmas, while completely ignoring the fact that it is the start of the fabulous summer. I just do not understand why Australians hang snowflakes on their trees, when they are wearing summery dresses. Things are changing though - we embrace the season in our menu for the Big Day - with seafood & salad & cherry pavlova featuring in the festive dinner. But the decorations...well... I remain a one-woman band determined to change that point of view! V xx

  3. LOVE it all! You've put so much more thought into theming than deciding on a colour for mass produced baubles. Hooray! Very Aussie and more appropriate than faux snow. Now we just need the weather to be WARM, mother nature sure is misbehaving this summer.

  4. Yay, KL, you get it! 

    And as for the weather...oh my it is crazy but today the sun shines and the bay is twinkling in sparkles, and with a forecast of warm weather on Sunday pretty much across Australia, fingers crossed we may just get a beautiful day. V xx 

  5. You are amazing. I love this.

  6. Thank you! And thrilled that you do! V xx

  7. Tamra Sanford22/12/11 1:23 PM

    Fairys on top of trees, vintage sports cars, strolls on the beach, and living sparkly??!?!  Oh hunnie that is my type of life, or vacation!!  Glad you had a great time.  xoxo

  8. Design Elements Blog22/12/11 5:25 PM

    the 2nd image is fantastic! best for the holidays


  9. Heather in Arles22/12/11 7:57 PM

    Oh that totally makes sense! Not to mention it made me giggle the idea of snowflakes on a "Summer" tree. Actually, my folks lived in San Diego, California for over twenty years and yet definitely kept to their former "Winter" decorations--right down to putting a fire in the fireplace while we decorated! Heehee. I am sure with time, your idea will catch on, you are just ahead of the curve as usual.

    And I love your menu. Actually, I just suggested lobsters for Remi and I for the 24th (the big meal in France). As always, "great minds..."


  10. That's such a fun tree and so appropriate! Merry Christmas from the UK (we had snow last week - huge flakes but it quickly disappeared and today it's sunny here too - not exactly warm though!) 

  11. Annie Loveridge23/12/11 6:25 AM

    It all looks so gorgeous Virginia. So much fun - I'll bet your children have had their friends over to see how fabulous, not crazy, their mother is! My eye did travel to your fabulous drinks trolley...a little Bombay Sapphire at the end of the day takes the edge off I feel! Have a very Merry Christmas and thank you for all your beautiful posts this year which I have enjoyed so much. Annie x.

  12. I just LOVE this utterly and total different Christmas deco! What a wonderful feel to it, so far away from snowy norway :))) You have to pop by and help me to find out about my last by! Have your selfs a wonderful Christmas.

  13. Eagle sharp eyes, as usual Annie...yes I'm a bit partial to a G & T. In fact we have one friend who pops in specifically to drink them, so that's my excuse to have a bit of a selection. Currently torn between Hendricks & Bombay Sapphire as the fave. V xx

  14. You did such a fabulous job with the Christmas decorating! It's fun, fresh and whimsical and it brings a smile on my face as I was scrolling down the pictures. I also like how you incorporate the figurines with a message to greet your family and guests. That's original.

    Thanks for all your gorgeous posts, Virginia. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to more beautiful and glamorous posts from you in the future!

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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