Dec 1, 2011

Happy 1st Day of Summer in the Southern Hemisphere!

For all those of us in the southern part of the planet, 
Happy First Day of Summer! 

Looking forward to ice cream, walks on the beach 
& moonlit strolls in the warm evening air. Yippee!!

image by inslee haynes.


  1. You weirdos! I will never get my head around this!

  2. robinsonheather1/12/11 7:02 AM

    Happy first day of Summer! Hooray! I do believe that is a fine reason to break out the champers. Rosé of course..


  3. My eldest son would confer with you on this. He sees no reason whatsoever to get excited about troublesome hot weather, and as for the beach, well that pesky sand just gets on his toes and on the pages of his New York Times and Guardian.  All that heat distracts one from serious thought, and sorting out the problems of the world. 
    And perhaps, therein, lies the charm.... it's a moment of distraction, of frippery. V xx

  4. But of course - the pink it is to celebrate this gentle start to summer, and the changing of a season. You have gifted summer back to us, thank you! We shall treasure her for you, till it is time to return the favour. V xx

  5. robinsonheather1/12/11 8:26 PM

    Please do take care as I am already missing her!

  6. Happy Summer : ) I'm your newest follower. Your blog is delightful as is the weather in The Southern Highlands, NSW today. Just gorgeous. Am so looking forward to a balmy warm Christmas. Looking forward to reading you often. 


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