Dec 27, 2011

Glamourous Vintage Couture Collection to be Sold...

Can you believe this glorious confection of femininity 
is actually a vintage Callaghan gown from 1973?
It's completely wearable now. 

All these gorgeous items are part of a unique lifetime collection
of high end vintage clothing, 
compiled over her long career by fashion buyer Mary Lipshut.
The collection includes clothes from the 1960s, 70s and 80s.
(Like this blue velvet skirt and jacket from Emilio Pucci.)
Now retired, Mary is selling her collection 
through the online website ML Vintage.
 (Cobra Paris, 1970s bag of perspex.)
(Gianni Versace - wool and silk gown.)
So once the outfits are sold - that's it - no more. 
(Missoni red gown, 1984)
I'm thinking it's the perfect time of year to be needing 
some fancy holiday gowns.
These might just fit the bill. 

All images & clothes: ML Vintage Melbourne


  1. Marsha @ Splenderosa27/12/11 7:04 AM

    I think I still have some of these in my closet !!!!

  2. Oh boy, I dumped off aloud of Callaghan clothes ( bought when I was working and living the high life in London)  at Oxfam last week, I knew I'd regret it.

  3. Heather in Arles27/12/11 8:50 PM

    You know how much I love vintage, Virginia but with all of our moves I have had to winnow my pieces down to my very favs, the ones that are impossible to let go of or that I know are valuable, like my Stephen Sprouse's bought in the 80s and my Helmut Langs bought in the 90s. I have given away nearly everything from the 30s, 40s and 50s. Unfortunately, unless you have the space to really take care of them properly, they deserve to be let go of so that they can find better homes!

  4. Really? Bring them out quick! V xx

  5. Now this is getting out of and I are obviously on some kind of same wave length, despite being as just about pretty much polar opposites of the globe as is possible. Lucky shoppers in Oxfam - they will be stoked! Vxx

  6. Yes, I know exactly what you mean. I wince when I think of the things I have given away over the years, with all our moves too. Having lived in this current house for 5 years means the vintage items are climbing in numbers again...oh dear. And the thing is, it is now so hard to find pieces from earlier than the 1950s - well without paying a fortune for them at any rate. My sister in law manages a charity shop, and mentioned recently that most of the Edwardian dresses were "recycled" by the groovers of the 1970s, cutting them up and re-stitching them to suit the fashion of the times - which is why it is so hard to find them now. I think that counts as "not taking care of them properly"! I wince! V xx

  7. Heather in Arles28/12/11 9:27 PM

    Oooh, I do too. And I think that I have given away my Victorian pieces too. They just were too destroyed. So who knows maybe a Goth somewhere recycled them? When I WAS a goth I wore them without irony. It is so true, I just completely took it for granted in those days that I could find such things and for a song! I first starting buying vintage when I was 15 and it wasn't even called vintage then, not in that part of the US (rural Pennsylvania outside of Amish country). Needless to say, people used to stare and point at me, whole families would slow down in the car to gawk! My poor Mom. She was a trooper. :)


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