Dec 7, 2011

Floating steps...that's an Entrance!

The front entry to a home is a place where one can play a little drama.
How fun, then, to enter this house in Sydney via stone slabs 
over a pond filled with duckweed & a sculptural tree skeleton.

The "front" of the house faces the water, 
so the "back" is the entry, 
whereupon the fun stepping stones come into play.
Landscape design is by the always surprising Terragram
who brought us the enchanting Garden of Ghosts.

They have taken an incredibly small space 
and turned it into a fantasy. 
Now, I wonder if there is a lever for a drawbridge...

Garden of the Bronte Residence,
landscape design Terragram.


  1. Virginia,
    isn't fantastic all these creativity?
    The first pic is really beautiful, a work of art.

  2. Looks stunning. But I hope the stone slabs aren't slippery :)


  3. Hi Tereza, yes, it's all very inspiring I think. And it would have been so easy to just do the usual thing, with a path and a couple of plants in this tiny space. But wonderful that the client engaged a designer who could think outside of the square. V xx

  4. Haha! Wouldn't that be dreadful ~ still at least any visitors would be certain of making a splash of an entrance! V xx

  5. robinsonheather7/12/11 2:28 PM

    Amazing. A step above (oops) the Balinese style steps over the pond that I love. But then again, I was crazy for the Garden of Ghosts, too.

  6. Now that is special, I love everything about it. Some people are so clever. x

  7. Georgica Pond7/12/11 6:26 PM

    Very striking, but I'd be nervous about coming home after a big night out in high heels and ending up in the drink!

  8. Oh it gives me the heebie jeebies, I see Ophelia drowning in there!

  9. Oh I like it - but wonder what they do if the stepping stones are wet - or they have had a bit of a drink ha ha - maybe it will keep you on the straight and narrow :O)
    Have a great day Virginia,

  10. Mapleandvine8/12/11 7:28 AM

    love that house. that is a stunning entrance :)


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