Dec 10, 2011

Christmas Decorating: Day 12: Drums, Sparkles: Magic & Fantasy!

For the grand finale of the 12 Days of Christmas decorating series,
it has to be the one and only Magical Fantasy of the Nutcracker ballet.
So jump on your magic carpet, 
and let's fly to the land of sweets to revel in the beauty of imagination,
at its most magical at Christmastime.

Let the drum role begin! 
The 12 Drummers are standing by with their shiny drums.

As we glide past on our magic carpet, 
there is an avenue of Christmas trees to light the way to the ballet house.

A magical story of no particular sense
{shouldn't all good fantasies be like that?}
the Nutcracker was first performed in 1892.
These are the original set designs for the St Petersburg production.

Of course, we'll be needing to wear 
a magical Christmas dress. This one would be nice.

Or perhaps this one.

After the performance finishes, 
it's time for Christmas dinner.
And the table is set with little surprises,
hidden in bonbons & tucked into little boxes at each place setting. 
Sparklers are lit & candles twinkle.
For this is a Christmas full of magic.

Gingerbread houses, department store windows of utmost imagination,
glittery dresses, sequins & dreams. 
It's a fantasy land where anything is possible,
because everything is magic, just for Christmas.

Our Christmas tree fairy is resplendent in gold glitter & black velvet.

While the tree is full of impossible things:
a newspaper elephant, Father Christmas in a hot air balloon,
a mouse king, crazy clocks & of course, lots of sweets.

The gifts under the tree are decorated with magic and sparkles.
There are boxes of sweets & lolly trees.
Jars of magic & little drummer boys.

In this place of imagination,
colour knows no limits.
It's a feast for the eyes and a feast for the spirit. 
The Christmas spirit, that is.

And it's a magic which makes us become children all over again, 
every year, 
sometime in December;
when the magical Christmas fairy waves her wand 
and, just for a moment,
we are lost in a world of fantasy and magical imagination.

I hope you have enjoyed the Christmas Decorating series.
You can see all the earlier posts here.
I am off to New Zealand for a few days,
but shall return with lots of new ideas.

images: 1: mask 2: blue fruit gift tag 3: lit trees 4: nutcracker sets + dancers
5/6/: dresses 7: Christmas table setting: bonbons + others 8: fantasy Christmas {1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10} 9: tree fairy 10: tree {1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9}
11: gift wrapping {1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9} 12: table setting 13: fruit tree


  1. Sarah Klassen10/12/11 6:19 AM

    This post is stunning and so inspiring! I am definitely going to share this on Monday, for my "Weekly Finds" post :)
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned!


    p.s thank you so much for the kind comment the other week...

  2. Once again, I'm doing exactly this next week! I realise I'm sounding like a weirdie now.

  3. What a charming post! I am absolutely captivated with the Magical Dress. It's beautiful and unique. Inspiring holiday table decor as well. Happy weekend, Virginia! Have fun in New Zealand!

  4. Hello Sarah! Wow, thank you! I am humbled. And yes, I do have a wonderful weekend planned - off to Hawkes Bay in beautiful New Zealand to celebrate my wedding anniversary on a winery estate overlooking the sea. Bliss! Hope you have a wonderful weekend too. V xx

  5. Oh yes, it's impossibly gorgeous Jessie isn't it? It is by Dior. Which I forgot to mention. Thank you for the happy well wishes. Just waiting for my flight to be called now....oh I could get used to this lifestyle... Hope you have a wonderful weekend too. V xx

  6. Something Gorgeous10/12/11 9:15 PM

    What an amazing post, I was taken away...!! Thank you. Merry Christmas . xx

  7. These have been beautiful, thoughtful posts! I love the sparkly avenue of trees and the dresses you've featured! Enjoy your NZ trip!
    x KL

  8. renee finberg11/12/11 5:46 AM

    this is the cheeriest post!

    it made me smile fro,m ear to ear xx

  9. Heather in Arles12/12/11 5:28 AM

    I can't tell you how much happiness it brings me to imagine you off in New Zealand, taking in the beauty and the quiet. Hopefully eating wonderful food and drinking lovely wine. Spending time with your loved ones far from the hustle and bustle of Christmas--in essence, the very best of the holiday season! 

    I saved this last episode to savour and how lovely it was! All of it! Will I bother you to try, truly, to get this published? Yes. 

    But it will be in such a friendly way!

    Bisous, Virginia. Sending great travel energy your way, friend...

  10. Georgica Pond12/12/11 6:02 PM

    Spectacular. And that pale pink dress in Paris? To die for.

  11. Mapleandvine12/12/11 9:04 PM

    those dresses are amazing!!! loove all the holiday inspiration !

  12. Tamra Sanford13/12/11 6:08 AM

    You've gotten me in the Christmas spirit like no other!!  Oh how I want to go see the Nutcracker so badly!!!!!  I was a ballerina for 22 years and it's been entirely too long since I've seen that magical story on stage.    I would love to wear that dress as well.

    Thank you for starting my week off with the most beautiful inspiration! 

    Have fun in New Zealand!


  13. The first two magical dresses took my breath away!  Simply stunning!  I hope you are having a wonderful time in New Zealand! xo

  14. Uhm, you see that red dress? I'm wearing  a version of that ( cheap as chips I may add ) next week, ok it's getting spooky now! Will tweet it now! 
    We have very similar taste.

  15. The Wild Fleur15/12/11 7:09 AM

    What a gorgeous inspiration board! So much beautiful eye candy :-)

    XOXO Camille  @ The Wild Fleur

  16. Hi Virginia - OMG I nearly fainted when I spotted that yellow dress - absolutely fantastic.
    Adore this post - so decadent - happy weekend sweets,

  17. This is such a wonderful fantasy extravaganza... loved it.... So much I have put it on my daily click today.... Thank you... xv

  18. Hello Vicki. Delighted you went along with the imagination of it all! Such a wonderful time of year - when excess is not excessive. V xx

  19. This is getting seriously bizarre...obviously we both have brilliant taste!  V xx

  20. Hello Rachel. Oh, aren't they just fabulous? The yellow one especially would make any occasion a brilliant one, I think. Just got back from NZ and had a wonderful time, thank you. V xx

  21. A ballerina for 22 years???? That accounts for your daintiness - all makes sense now. V xx

  22. Hello Heather! Do keep bothering me - it would be such a fun idea to get it published. And yes, we did eat wonderful food and drink lovely Pinot...mmm...was just delightful. And as for the Art Deco city of Napier, why I am still in shock that an entire town can be of one architectural style. Big post coming with pictures which I hope you will find entertaining. V xx 


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