Dec 3, 2011

Christmas Decorating: Day 10: Martinis at the Jazz Club

Put on your tap shoes because tonight we are going to celebrate.
It's the 10th day of Christmas Decorating
so there are lots of lords needing to leap about.
They may as well do it in style, at the Jazz Club.

Those little gnomes will create mischief, I suspect.
Do you think they could tell us where the club is?
It's the Lords' Martini Jazz Club that we are searching for.
Ah, here we go.
The wreath is certainly a clue to the entrance,
this has to be it.
And here it is. 
They have poured us a couple of red cocktails
to get into the Christmas spirit.
Looks like the lords are already getting into the swing of things.
They'll be leaping about in no time. 
Just like this fellow.
Let's have a look around the club to see 
how they have decorated
for Christmas.
You can take your St Germain martini with you as you wander.
Why, it's a minimalist kind of a Christmas tree, 
and it's hung with stags, rams, keys to the lord's manor 
& a very slinky Barbie or two in skin tight black leather. 
The fairy has just popped off the red carpet, 
ready to sing Santa Baby before she takes her place at the top of the tree.
All that dancing has made me hungry for dinner.
The polished Christmas table setting is so elegant, 
set with high white candles, copper cutlery
& silver ice buckets.
And don't the lords look dashing in their black tie suits?
After dinner, there should be a game or two of chess going on,
being a tradition to play games at Christmas time.
Almost time to go, 
but first we are each given a little present, 
all wrapped in masculine colours of black, white & red.
No frilly ribbons!
{Instructions to wrap the black tie packaging here.}
And as we disappear into the evening,
already lit with silver stars,
we can bid farewell to the lords at the bar, 
who are just settling in for the night. 
Certainly a handsome lot, 
these well dressed lords, aren't they?
In case you missed the earlier decorating themes, 
you can catch up here.

images: 1: Fred Astaire; 2: blue fruit gift tag photo; 3: white suit
4: gnomes; 5: vignette blue fruit; 6: wreath; 7: bar; 8: gentlemen in bar
 9: ballet; 10: vignette blue fruit; 
11 tree artwork blue fruit {1/2/3 blue fruit/4 blue fruit photo of anthropologie store /5/6/7}
12: barbie; 13: YSL white suit; 14: table artwork blue fruit {1/2/3/4/5 bue fruit/6}
15: dinner party; 16: chess
17: gift wrapping artwork blue fruit {1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8}


  1. Heather in Arles3/12/11 8:11 AM

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. My how we do love our men! What a fabulous tribute to those that could be wrongly put aside momentarily during this holiday season...Brava et bisous,

  2. hotelsdesignmonde3/12/11 12:12 PM

    I looove this post, too! 


  3. LOVE these posts from you Virginia - this one is zoo cool.
    Happy weekend sweets,

  4. These are fabulous! I'm loving that cork wreath! Enjoy the wonderful weekend, Kellie xx

  5. Jennings and Gates4/12/11 7:26 AM

    Wonderful.  When are we going?  You're a stylish genius!

  6. Carla Aston4/12/11 8:13 AM

    You are so clever.  What girl wouldn't want to go to this jazz club with a leaping lord!  So glamorous.

  7. Georgica Pond4/12/11 4:31 PM

    I"m going to attempt to forget my woes and imagine I'm dressed up in a gorgeous cocktail frock drinking champagne at one of those snazzy bars and getting in the mood for Christmas!

  8. Can you believe it Mel? At the very minute you were writing this, I was writing a comment on your blog...just bizarre..

    Anyway, thrilled you can put on the cocktail gown and sip a glass of pretty bubbles in the jazz club and let all the merry mischief of renovating disappear, at least for a lovely minute or two!  V xx

  9. Thank you Carla! I cannot tell you how much fun I am having writing this series. And yes indeed, I think we will all be queuing at the door to see the leaping lords. V xx

  10. Oh thank you! I'll meet you there! It will be fun! V xx

  11. Hi Kellie. Yes, isn't it the most fabulously festive kind of a wreath for the Christmas season? And perfectly appropriate too, for there is nothing more festive than the sound of popping Champagne corks. V xx

  12. Hello Anya! Thank you - and I hope you are having a glorious weekend too. V xx

  13. Oh definitely continuing....just pondering where we shall go on the 11th day at the moment...such fun this travel by imagination, isn't it? V xx

  14. Hello Heather! Oh yes, you betcha we do. Not sure if it is just me, but a well dressed man in a suit, especially a black tie variety...oh my goodness. V xx


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