Dec 20, 2011

Butterflies, Birds & a Dream.

 While we are in the glittery, fantasy world of the last week
before Christmas (how did that happen so fast???)
let's revel in the beauty of these surreal photo montages,
which capture a fleeting moment of delicacy.
 Zanita photograhed model Jaqueline in vintage & new outfits,
then illustrator Kelly Smith added the dream-like swirls.

Just exquisite - beautiful work girls! 


  1. Georgica Pond20/12/11 2:18 PM

    Impossibly beautiful. 

  2. Heather In Arles20/12/11 8:49 PM

    So dreamy, perfect for this week! 

  3. Stunning and i LOVE the new look of your blog!xx

  4. Hotelsdesignmonde21/12/11 1:45 AM

    Wooow very nice pics!
    Happy Xmas holidays!!!!

  5. great imagines, love your blog so of course follow you. Pls take a look my blog, waiting for your comments.


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