Dec 21, 2011

Blue & White Agapanthus: it must be Christmas!

If there were a single image to evoke Christmas in an Australian city,
it would have to be the absolute explosion of 
blue flowers 
which sparkle in the gardens every December.
Jacaranda flowers carpet the streets, 
blue hydrangeas bloom in profusion,
dianellas bob their starry blue heads in the breeze.

And perhaps nothing symbolises an Australian Christmas more 
than agapanthus in glorious shades 
of cerulean, midnight & pale sky;
nearly always grown with their twins: the pristine & summery white aggies.
In the early summer sunshine, they always look so fresh.
 I spotted this gorgeous front fence & garden on my rounds yesterday,
and jumped out of the car to snap it because it is such a cheerful scene,
with dark charcoal stained timber palings of pine 
& crisp white painted posts, 
all set off by a stunning hedge of blue and white agapanthus.
Simple landscaping - but extremely effective.
The agapanthus has been adopted as one of our own, 
although it originally comes from South Africa.
It grows from Darwin to Tasmania, 
a tough little plant of luscious evergreen,
which produces drumsticks of colour as happy exclamation marks. 
To any Aussie though, this is the quintessential sight of Christmas,
heralding the start of the summer season & those glorious holidays.

 images: blue fruit, garden by the sea, melbourne


  1. What beautiful, vivid flowers!  So pretty!

    LR @ Magnificent or Egregious

  2. Kellygreentheblog21/12/11 10:50 AM

    Ha ha...was just thinking the same thing myself! Such pretty blooms. KG xx

  3. Vivid is the perfect adjective - they are quite impossibly so - especially in the bright sunshine. V xx

  4. Hi there - ah well great minds think alike, and no doubt you have them growing around your area too? V xx

  5. Georgica Pond21/12/11 1:32 PM

    How glorious - isn't it the epitome of Aussie summer - those wonderful blue, white and green bursts of lush colour and thick foliage - about the most useful plant around. 

  6. I do love a thick, established 'hedge' of good old addies. These images are really beautiful!
    x KL

  7. Wow is the only word I said when I looked at those lovely looking flowers! The blue hydrangeas are looking gorgeous, you Aussies can't be luckier than this!
    Check this out if you want -
    Birth Flower Personality Test

    What does your birth flower say about you?

  8. Heather in Arles21/12/11 8:41 PM

    I love seeing all of this happiness growing on the other side of the world--just as things are getting coooold here! :)

  9. Thank you KL. Yes, they aren't so fab when young, are they? But when they thicken up to close the gaps...quite something else! V xx

  10. "Happiness growing" that Heather! V xx

  11. Yep, indestructible too! No matter how shabbily they are treated, they always come up trumps don't they? V xx

  12. Henrietta Hassinen22/12/11 6:16 PM

    Gosh those blue and white agapanthus are SO gorgeous, I wish we had those. Have a lovely christmas time.

  13. thecurtiscasa22/1/12 11:14 AM

    These are gorgeous! Had no idea agapanthus bloomed around Christmas for you guys. Backwards from us here in GA, USA. Ha! lovely photos. :)


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