Nov 1, 2011

Zinc & Weatherboards: New work by Simon Couchman Architects

Crisply contrasting white weatherboards
with sexy black zinc, 
this extension to a house in inner-city Elsternwick
makes a clear distinction between old & new.
  On a heritage listed site, 
the original Victorian cottage has been retained,
with the new extension mimicking the roof line + pitch
in a two storey structure at the rear.
See that high-level window in the extension?
Here is what it looks like from the inside. 
Clever repetition of the original building's lines.  
Bold materials + simple angles.
It's a formula for a flexible building, 
which allows the occupants to furnish & decorate as they wish,
changing the personality of the house 
to suit themselves as their family grows. 

Do you like it?

Extension to cottage at Elsternwick, Melbourne. 
Architects: Simon Couchman
Photograhy: Christine Francis


  1. Linda from OEKE1/11/11 6:45 AM

    Like it? Love it!! You find the best homes Virginia AND you write great words to describe the work completed.
    Have a good Cup Day off today (-:

  2. Rachel Callaghan1/11/11 7:35 AM

    I find myself wishing they had painted the original weatherboard house black as well. There is absolutely no link. The extension lines ar great though. Rx

  3. Hi virginia

    I'm in there too - I love it and what they have done to it.

    There is a popular blogger here in brisbane that disses on people not keeping the heritage flow at the back of the house - I say what ever.
    We can't all keep the flow if it is not going to work for the long run.
    Love those interiors for any home :)

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  4. Thelaurelhedge1/11/11 11:01 AM

    Love it! Brave move on a highly exposed corner site but they have pulled it off.
    Millie xx

  5. Annie Loveridge1/11/11 11:31 AM

    I'm not usually, or certainly never used to be, a huge fan of the overly modern extension banged up against the original home, but when done well, I think it can be really successful. I absolutely love the architecture of this home, as a whole - that window, and the internal bookcase is so clever and beautiful. The decor isn't my thing but that's what makes it someone else's home! That's my 10 cents worth! Enjoy the Cup. Annie x. 

  6. Eternalicons1/11/11 9:40 PM

    I adore the respect shown to the original cottage and the here and now extention. The contrast is stunning just like the interiors. Thank you for sharing, I really love this home.

  7. Hotelsdesignmonde2/11/11 7:33 AM

    I love this house, the extension in black zinc is just awesome & singular. I like particularly the bathroom in black & white, so chic...

  8. Georgica Pond2/11/11 7:21 PM

    Not mad about modern design stuck on the back of traditional, but the modern house in its own right is very impressive. 


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