Nov 4, 2011

Oh Hats: How I Love Thee!

Ok, I promise Glamour Drops will go back to normal transmission shortly,
pondering over gorgeous houses & such like,
but let's just have a very quick glimpse into the elegant world of hats,
as seen yesterday at Oaks Day.

Traditionally known as Ladies Day
because the fillies race and the girls go all out in the fashion stakes,
it is a day put aside to celebrate all that is beautiful 
in hats, handbags & ensembles. 
Oh, and horse racing too.
The millinery award was taken out by this swirly creation,
designed & made by Rebecca Share.
The fine straw has such a high gloss - and oozes lustre 
in the most glorious shade of cobalt blue.
151 butterflies, 
to celebrate the 151st year of the Melbourne Cup.
Note to self:
never txt while trying to look glamourous.
{This image is for you Heather
as it proves the pervasive nature of these silly inventions.}

But these ladies know how to look glamorous,
and how to smile for the camera.
Ah...the allure of a fetching hat. 
Too fabulous to only be worn to the races!

Oaks Day, part of the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival 2011


  1. Rachel Callaghan4/11/11 9:29 AM

    Oh what sublime hats. Some just breathtakingly beautiful. In general, I feel that most of the ladies look so elegant, while others not so. Or is it my age, thinking that some of them just look tacky (not in your photos, by the way - but others I have seen). I suspect it might be my age, but I kind of feel that showing off EVERYTHING you have got is not that classy. Ah the young these days!!! Te he. Your photos definately show the classy side, I must say!! Are we going to see any photos of what you were wearing??? Rx

  2. Agree, agree, agree Rachel! Some of them do look tacky, with dresses too short, too tight and too revealing. But it is refreshing to see just how many outfits are around at the moment which are elegant, sophisticated and which use a lot more fabric - so much more sensual anyway, I think. Umm... I don't think I want to ruin these classy collections with photos of moi! Vxx

  3. Oh I adore these hats!!  Especially the ones with the veils.  And I LOL'd about never texting while trying to look glamourous!!  So true!  hehe

    LR @ Magnificent or Egregious

  4. Hello virginia

    Breathtaking - I loved each and all of them.

    I watched part of the Oakes yesterday (I promised myself I would but you know a house full of visitors for it and you don't get to see that much :)

    I adore it and I will watch on saturday when my chores allow it too.

    I think I was a milliner in a previous life.

    they are really the icing that is put on the cake.
    they finish it off completely.

    Even Ann Peacocks hat made her face look prettier (ooops, can I say that out loud or should I keep that to myself??)

    have a lovely day stylish friend (as I sit and type this in shorts and a t-shirt because of our revolting start to our heat burst!)

    loulou, hereiamloulou blog 


  5. Veils seem to be back with a vengeance. Appearing everywhere suddenly - oh I love them too! Vxx

  6. Shorts and t shirt - oh I can't imagine such warmth. Although we have been promised 30 degrees tomorrow by the weather man, and he is never wrong. (!) Currently freezing again in Melbourne. I am in a vintage 1960s navy blue pant suit today, with tall leather boots & faux-fur trimmed felt hat to keep me warm. Same country, such opposite weather! Enjoy your visitors and revel in the gorgeous warmth. Vxx

  7. I wish I had a hat head, I would wear hats all the time. 

  8. Annie Loveridge4/11/11 11:52 AM

    Oh, they all look so lovely! Did giggle at the texting shot...I remember passing through Waterloo station on my way home and seeing the results of a day as Ascot walking past. Always had to make a mental note that the 5th stage of drinking does not make one invisible! Have a lovely weekend. Annie x.

  9. Hi Virginia,

    Beautiful.  I always feel quite glamourous when I wear a hat (which is not very often).  Did you see who one the best dressed?  She looked gorgeous in her block colours.  Mimi xx

  10. Oooh La La..I love all of these...but I think the first one would have to be my favourite...beautiful colour combo ...just exquisite. Wishing you a wonderful weekend lovely x

  11. Woods Sarah4/11/11 5:05 PM

    Love your hat posts, some amazing designs, I would love to design hats.....would be so creative.
    Sar x

  12. Hello Virginia, Love how classy a hat can make you look - I have only ever adorned hairpieces and quaint straw hats for weddings - or a trilby in the cold, ladies day is for sure my next port of call - LOVE this post.
    Have a great weekend sweetie,

  13. Janina, what on earth is a hat head? I am dying of curiosity now! Vxx

  14. Ok, will add that to the list of "do not"s at the races Annie! And yes, how quickly alcohol can turn from elegance to sadness, when overdone. Vxx

  15. Hello Mimi. I loved her colours of pink, orange and Chartreusse, but wasn't too sure about that hat though. Looked like it may slip off and sail away at any moment. (Now I am just being rude, but I didn't like it as much as some of the other hats, I have to confess.) And yes, I agree with you about feeling glam in a hat - glamour just happens! Vxx

  16. Yes, isn't it the most wonderful colour combo? me all kinds of ideas....Thank you for the good wishes and I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. Vxx

  17. Hello Sarah. You are so darned creative with your house designs that I would LOVE to see any hat design you may care to do! Vxx

  18. Hi Anya! Oh I love quaint straw hats too. In fact, I rarely met a hat I didn't like. Which is probably why the top cupboard of my wardrobe has spilled over and I am now putting my hats straight onto hooks on the bedroom wall. My husband hasn't complained yet...
    Wishing you a gorgeous weekend too! Vxx

  19. Oh Virginia, they are all so divine. Wouldn't it be great if women (and men) wore hats everyday ... just like in the 30's and 40's.
    Thank you for your sweet comment ... I guess its just like you saying I'm just going up to Sydney for the weekend! Same thing. Someone from this side of the world thinks that sounds exotic! 
    Have a beautiful weekend my dear friend.

  20. robinsonheather4/11/11 8:24 PM

    Gorgeous beyond belief! This absolutely made my morning, Virginia! You knew that it would too. :) Especially the little "proof"--now don't those girls look silly? What possibly couldn't wait until later that they had to be checking their phones? They were the place to be! There isn't anything more interesting going on than that! (Note to self: three coffees leads to many exclamation points)

    And SJP, a necklace does not a hat make! Although perhaps she was down-sizing after the rather scary Phillip Treacy number that she had sported? Hmmm...

  21. They are all so beautiful. But I can't go past the 1st hat. That is so divine- love it:)

  22. Tamra Sanford5/11/11 3:22 AM

    I'm swooooooning over those!!  I wish I had an event to wear them to everyday. 

  23. Mel@Georgica Pond7/11/11 10:36 AM

    Heaven - so nice to see girls dressed properly for the races!

  24. Hi Marina. Very true - although I am a bit partial to Scotland as a destination because I have a lot of family there. 

    And with the hats, yes, I would love for them to come back into everyday fashion as they used to be. They were practical as well as beautiful - for keeping the sun off in summer and keeping oneself warm in winter. Why ever did we stop wearing them??? Vxx

  25. Hello Heather! About to grab my second coffee for the morning so then I will end up with as many exclamation points as you. 

    You would not believe, or actually you probably would, how much flack SJP got for not wearing a hat. Eeks, why didn't her publicity people tell her that you cannot go the Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne without a hat? She got a lot of criticism for the Phillip Treacy number, because it looked like it was mocking the whole hat thing. Scary indeed - it was HIDEOUS!!! Hats are worn at the Carnival for elegance, not for satire, and I guess she wasn't told that. 

    I think we should all print out that image of the girls on their phones as a reminder of the importance of engaging in the moment, with the people around one at that moment. Vxx

  26. That one is my favourite too, Julie-Ann. Such beautiful colours and velvety textures. Vxx

  27. Oh yes, me too Tamra. I do wear hats quite a lot - both summer and winter - but none of mine as even vaguely as beautiful as these ones. Vxx

  28. Yes, it creates such a wonderful sight overall, doesn't it, to see so many people dressed so beautifully? There were, of course, some dressed not quite so elegantly, but overall it was a very high standard of sophisticated loveliness this year. Vxx


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