Nov 8, 2011

A little weatherboard cottage in the country...

 If your imagination includes dreaming of a weekender in the country,
then let your thoughts wander to this endearing timber & stone cottage
renovated in a simple rustic style.
Built in 1855, near Castlemaine in the gold fields,
the cottage was originally a wine room,
but was long ago converted into a 3 bedroom home.

Could the busy city be any further from one's mind, 
during a sun-drenched Sunday lunch under these trees?
Small branches of bark encrusted wood,
bound with sisal rope,
create a botanical towel rack
in the sandstone bathroom.
 It has just been sold to a lucky new owner who shall not have to 
dream any longer of an enchanting cottage in the country.

Would you like to live here?

property location 42 fryers rd chewton victoria
property images: agent
all other images: cecilia fox flowers


  1. Yes I would LOVE to live here. Thank goodness people are seeing the beauty in these gorgeous old homes and giving them the love and attention they deserve. Australians seem a little too preoccupied with the knock down rebuild philosophy for my liking at the moment. So thank you for showing how beautiful these homes can be.

  2. Red Roses and Crystal8/11/11 10:47 AM

    I lived in a rural area for 18 years but now am a city slicker and loving it.
    Still..I do have beautiful memories of our time in the sticks. This cottage is so cute.
    Annie xx

  3. it's so beautiful...makes me want to pack my bags and go...I think it would lovely to live here xo

  4. Rachel Callaghan8/11/11 12:32 PM

    Love the simplicity of the interior. Very cosy, but without normal clutter associated with cottages. Very styley. And love the floral images, of course!! Rx

  5. Absolutely. Somehow this place gives the impression that life would be lived at a more leisurly rate. Bliss.

  6. Carla Aston8/11/11 5:00 PM

    So beautiful.  Love the stone walls in the bathroom and that great, simple kitchen.  Lovely.

  7. Georgica Pond8/11/11 6:11 PM

    I'd like to live there on the weekends. Lovely rustic comfy homely place. I love the bathroom, and the hallway with those nice big chunky timber furniture pieces and that fab oversized lamp. Also love your images of the flowers, Lily of the Valley and Poppies two of my faves. 

  8. Elements at home8/11/11 8:10 PM

    Love the cottage and all it has to offer, the muted tones throughout do look better against your gorgeous images of bright flowers....maybe the new owners will sprinkle a little bit of colour throughout as you have done on your post....

  9. I am thrilled to read your words - they fill my heart with much hope that these old treasures are appreciated for their own sake. I too, am very sad to see our current propensity to knock down and rebuild - but I do sense there is a change of heart just beginning to be felt, which would be wonderful. V xx

  10. I often think that one has to change one's surroundings so that one can appreciate them. So from city to country or back again - from one side of the world to the other - or from one city to another. You are lucky to have experienced both country and city.  Vxx

  11. Hello Claudia. Yes, it makes me feel like that too! V xx

  12. Ah, always a soft spot for the plants, Rachel, as I would expect from you of course! And yes, perhaps it is the lack of clutter which makes this look so welcoming? V xx

  13. Mmm...time to stop and chat over a cup of tea...time to stop and smell the read books... to play lovely music. I think you are onto something here! V xx

  14. Hi Mel. I think the furniture in the hallway is a vintage suitcase which looks like it is sitting on some sort of a trolley. I was quite intrigued by that too! Beautiful flowers to have as your favourites. Might they find a spot in your new garden, perhaps? V xx

  15. That's the beauty of muted colours as a background, though, don't you think? That they form a wonderful backdrop for seasonal bright splashes of colour? It's interesting though - this cottage would also look fabulous painted in stark white, with lots of colourful artworks. I think it holds its own either way, with such lovely timber work throughout.  V xx

  16. Hi Miss virginia

    Loving the cottage and the way of life - the only thing I have a battle with the thought of is the creepy crawlies (and you already know my hate of blue tongue lizards :)

    the rooms have been so tastefully thought out - very homely but very stylish

    Hope you are well - been super busy up this way chickadee :)

    take care

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  17. Well hello there miss Loulou. You know the blue tongue lizard might come in handy, because he could then eat all the creepy crawly bugs for you! Vxx

  18. I would love to live there - and have those bouquets too - gorgeous.
    Lovely post and hope you have a great day.
    A xx

  19. Virginia, this is a perfect way to live.  All these peaceful, comfy rooms fed my eyes, thank you for that.
    The flowers are absolutely lovely and that table, ah that table is irresistible.
    Warm hugs to you.

  20. à la parisienne9/11/11 8:20 AM

    What a charming little place and very relaxing...



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