Nov 27, 2011

Just something pretty...

A dress to twirl in,
the Cherry Red Diamond Double from EmmaJane
is floaty & flirty & fabulous for sunny Sunday afternoons. 

Hydrangea flowers in palest lilac & softest green.
Hand-knotted & custom made fine string macrame ring 
with pearl and silver button, 
from Yinjoux
Perfect for summer pool parties,
EmmaJane's Peachy Peach Puffle Ruff dress.
Just some pretty things
which have caught my eye lately... 

images: dresses + ring: market lane
hydrangea: blue fruit


  1. Red Roses and Crystal28/11/11 1:02 AM

    Very pretty indeed. I especially like the peachy puffle dress. Unfortunately I don't possess legs like the beautiful model...sigh

  2. Linda from OEKE28/11/11 4:07 AM

    I was just looking at hydrangea plants last weekend at the nursery .. freaky!!
    Love that dress but I too don't have legs like that. On me that dress might look more like a fancy t-shirt.
    Oh well, mut go invtestigate if they have any longer styles as the fabrics are beautiful.

    Have a great week .. hope your workload is not frantic in the leadup to xmas (-:

  3. renee finberg28/11/11 5:07 AM

    you are right!!
    very pretty.
    and i love those nude platform pumps too.


  4. Annie Loveridge28/11/11 6:32 AM

    I love hydrangeas - always perfect. Our last house had a whole back garden of them and they kept the vases full for months. There is a lovely florist around the corner from our new house with some gorgeous potted hydrangeas sitting outside and I'm hoping they will be recognised as a great house warming me if needs be! Annie x.

  5. Sarah Woods28/11/11 8:49 AM

    Love the Mexican-ish dresses at the moment, the ring is really cute too.
    Sar x

  6. Although it is wintry here Virginia I adore the fashions you have shown! Thank you for the sweet comments about Isabella!




    Art by Karena

  7. Georgica Pond28/11/11 11:22 AM

    Oooh can I have one of each for my Christmas stocking please.

  8. Ah yes, well me either. If I had legs like that I think I would positively live in these 2 dresses! Ah, back to the gym... V xo 

  9. Howdy Linda! They are fab plants though aren't they? Yes, do check them out because they are made in Australia and a very young label, so I reckon they would custom make in a different length. 

    Frantic is my middle name at the moment. Am seriously wondering how it is all going to get done! So many gorgeous projects! But I love being busy and wouldn't have it any other way. Hope you are busy too. V xo 

  10. Mmmm...yes, I think I need to get a pair... keep seeing them everywhere and have decided they are rather necessary! V xo

  11. Now there's a hint! How lovely to have a florist around the corner. Your new home must be in a charming area. V xo

  12. Hi Sarah, yeah, you're right - I didn't twig but they do have a Mexican influence to them. Perfect for the same sort of weather, I guess. V xo 

  13. Hi Karena, well one can always dream of sunny skies to come in the summer season next year - and hopefully that will help to keep you warm till then! V xo

  14. Hey, wouldn't that be a super-duper stocking to receive Mel? Forget chocolate, I'm with you! V xo

  15. so lovely and feminine...yes I agree they would definitely be a great stock filler (especially if like me you've been on a diet for seven weeks!)

  16. Gorgeous - but I have to say, it's her perfect hair I'm really jealous of!

    Andrea x


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