Nov 24, 2011

Christmas Decorating: Day 6: Jewel Bright Gems

The goose that laid the golden egg,
full of precious colourful gems,
is the inspiration for Mrs Glamour~Claus today.
And if there are 6 geese all busy laying golden eggs, 
well, we better just surrender ourselves to a bright, glittering
array of fabulously jeweled tones.

Ruby red, topaz blue, pale green peridots, purple amethyst, gold sapphire:
the most intense of tones make up our 6th decorating scheme of
Jewel Bright Gems.

To give Jewel Bright Gems a contemporary feel,
use lots of white as a background,
to keep it fresh & defined.

Vintage ornaments come into their own in this scheme.
Not just any vintage ornaments, 
but specifically the glass baubles of the 1950s,
which can be found in vintage stores.
This wreath has been made from old ornaments & is bursting with vibrancy.

The tree itself takes a backstage to the ornaments. 
So much so, that it may work exceeding well to simply hang the ornaments
in the shape of a tree (9 above).
Instructions for how to do this here.

Colours can be any that are found in jewels,
the more the merrier. 
If it sparkles, it's in the club.

The bejeweled Christmas table is set with high platters of sugared fruit
{easily made from any fruit in season 
with a little brushed egg white, then sprinkled in sugar}.
Paper honeycomb orbs in reds, oranges, pinks & whites 
have the faceted shape of a polished gem,
and will look pretty over the table. 
Scatter vintage mercury glass ornaments as a centrepiece
and use faux gem jewelery as napkin rings. 

Hunt out marbled papers or shiny coloured foil wrapping, 
wrap with huge bows of contrasting jewel toned glossy ribbons,
or top with pink and red tissue flowers with glittering faux gem centres.

Which girl would not to like to receive this gem Christmas card?
It playfully folds into a sexy black envelope,
and would look amazing under the bejeweled Christmas tree.

Letterpress cards, with a hint of sparkle, from Dear Lola.

So if you are in the mood for a bit of colour these holidays, 
and why not with all the fabulously colourful fashion in the shops, 
perhaps Jewel Bright Gems may tempt you?

In case you missed the earlier decorating days, you can catch up here.

images: 1/3: myvintagevogue; 2: blue fruit artwork, jewelery from Tiffany; 4: Bloomingdales;
5: vintage wreath; 7: the tree artwork blue fruit {1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9};
8: vintage tray; 9: miu miu; 10: the table artwork blue fruit {1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9}; 
11: cocktails; 12: gift wrapping artwork blue fruit {1/2/3/4/5/6/7};13: gemstone card


  1. This is such a fun post and I'm a huge fan of the wreath. It's so bright and cute! 

    xoDaleI'm doing a Versace for H&M  bracelet giveaway too.

  2. Hi Dale - you got my attention - I think I glazed over when I got to "Versace". Have several much loved dresses and shoes from Versace - love the wild bright colours. Will pop over to check it out! V xo

  3. hereiamloulou24/11/11 7:01 PM

    Miss Virginia

    loving the glamour - the michael Kors shoes are too high for me but wow they are a knock out.

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  4. Something Gorgeous24/11/11 9:32 PM

    I just love a bit of bling.  what a fun post! x

  5. I love it all, this is the best Christmas post I have ever seen.

  6. Love all images.  Mimi xx

  7. Amazing how a little bling can bring a smile too! V xo

  8. Wow, that's a big call! Thank you & delighted that you love it. V xo

  9. Oh, that's great Mimi!  It's a very fun theme! V x0

  10. robinsonheather25/11/11 8:05 PM

    Virginia, it shows that this is a theme that is close to your heart--you went to town! :) I am crazy, crazy for all of this glamour--I had bad dreams this morning right before waking up and poof! This post was like a fairy waving a wand over me. Merci, amie. I can't wait to look at it again on my desktop! Bisous.

  11. Hello Heather! What a wonderful outcome that was. Dreams are such weird things - so unsettling and yet they fade away. Yes, it is a theme close to my heart - I adore a bit of bright bold colour because of its power to lift a person's spirits. V xo

  12. The Christmas cards are so unique and pretty, love these. And I also like the combination of gorgeous colors found from the Kate Spade image!


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