Nov 21, 2011

Christmas Decorating: Day 5: Golden Glamour

Ahh...this one has to be Mrs Glamour~Claus' 
favourite holiday decorating theme.
How could it not, with no less than 5 gifts of golden rings?
So today, she presents Golden Glamour
for your decorating pleasure.

Golden Beurre Bosc pears adorn the gilt table, 
set with flowers in gilded tones.
And for those of us who indulge in seafood for Christmas dinner
{a rather Aussie custom}
the table is ornamented with golden lobster pots & gilded toy lobsters.

Our tree can be a contrast of ornamentation & simplicity.
A bare branch, wound with gold fairy lights or sparkles of gilt,
or garlanded with paper flowers in golden tones. 
{Instructions to make the flowers here.}
And perhaps you may find 5 golden rings from Tiffany 
under the tree? 
One can wish, at any rate...

Thick paper cards, hand made on a letterpress in the USA,
embossed with gold in a curvaceous design
A luxurious detail to add to thoughtful gifts.

A sprinkle of fairy dust {from Anthropologie} can create magic sparkle.

Cocktails on golden trays ~ vintage preferably.
And tealights in glass jars, hung with gold velvet ribbons, 
in the early dusk light.

Made in Australia, Inky Co has a wonderfully glam selection 
for Christmas packaging this year.

 A vintage brooch might be fastened 
to a present wrapped in white paper.

 Ringed paper from Anthropologie,
tied with brown string.

And for the most opulent of package wrapping, 
one has to turn to Sande from 
A Gift Wrapped Life for inspiration & supplies.

 Here, Sande has used a brooch as both present & decoration.


 This idea is just too brilliantly clever not to try.
Everyday plastic toy animals have been spray painted 
Wonderful for the Christmas cake ~ but also perfect to hang on the tree
without the candle (unless you are brave).

 Gold plates, gold tea light glasses, gold rimmed glass.
{Similar items can be found in op shops, sold for a song.}

If ever there were a colour to represent the preciousness of Christmas,
it would have to be this most lustrous of metals.

Sheer, opulent, glamourousness
Yes please! 

In case you missed the earlier decorating days, you can catch up here.

images: 1; 2: blue fruit; 3: Christmas table setting artwork blue fruit {1/2/3/4/5/6};4;

5; the tree artwork blue fruit {1/2/3/4/5}; 6; 7 left + right8; 910
11 artwork blue fruit {inky co};12 ; 1314151617/181920


  1. Heather in Arles22/11/11 7:01 AM

    Oh la la! Natural Luxe has been ousted out the window by this bit of splendorifiqueness. That first photo? Le sigh. I will aim to be her at some point this holiday season. Virginia, there is too much here to comment on! You have out done yourself! Oooh and you have much, much more to go!! 


  2. Oh Heather, this one is you and me to a "T"!! I now have visions of Natural Luxe items being thrown from your pretty windows into those charmingly cobbled streets below....tee hee. Oh yes, that first lady is to be admired indeed - so gracious - I want to be her too! V x0

  3. Tamra Sanford22/11/11 9:33 AM

    Absolutely glamorous!!! I love love love this post and basically want to pin every single image!  That first one with the gold dress, absolutely divine, makes me want a staircase and dress just so I can recreate this moment.  I'm doing silver and gold for the holiday decor, so this is the perfect inspiration.  Thank you so much.  I think you read my mind.  So much inspiration I can hardly contain myself.  Now I just need gold flatware and everything else I'm seeing.  xoxox

  4. Oh Tamra I cannot tell you how delighted your comments have made me! Here I am lost in a world of kitchen design (on a fabulous project, but I can only think of drawer runners, cooktop dimensions and lighting angles at this moment) and you have transported my imagination to just how gorgeous your decorating is going to be. Happy hunting for the gold flatware - sounds divine! V xo

  5. I am dying over the dress in the first image...absolutely gorgeous and the packages I would never want to, so fabulous!!

  6. It's a beauty isn't it? Such pure, elegant glamour in the dress, the staircase, the red marble - ah, to live in that image would be a joy! {Just for a day.} V xo

  7. Georgica Pond22/11/11 12:49 PM

    Those black shoes and gold cuffs - so stunning. Wish I had a special LBD I could pair those with for a Christmas cocktail party somewhere. I think all I'll be doing is unpacking boxes.

  8. oh dear Mel....maybe you could unpack boxes dressed up in a LBD to make it all more fun??? Or maybe that would make it worse, not sure... But at any rate, you will be unpacking into the most glorious "new" house which is incredibly exciting. V xo

  9. I adore this gold post Virginia and those five gold rings...oh my...they are gorgeous 
    Hope you are having a great week
    Here it's pouring at the moment...such moody weather ;)

  10. Hi Miss Virginia

    this is as stunning post - every time I thought "oh that is the nicest photo", then you go and place another even nicer photo - ok you win, you've spun my head the most today with your gorgeous post

    how are you lovely - I have been super busy that my feet aren't touching the ground very much

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  11. Oh Virginia - nothing short of breathtaking - love this golden post - very decadent:)
    Hope you have a great day -

  12. This is absolutely stunning.  I am constantly mesmerised by your ability to combine vintage glamour with modern available treasures.  You have truly inspired me for the holidays!  I love the letterpress and fairy dust...and the sprinkles of gold throughout the post.  All so magical!

  13. Hi Claudia. Sounds more like Melbourne weather! We are lurching from heavenly blue skies with warm bay breezes to hail, dark skies & torrential rain. All in the same day! I always wonder who would want to be a weather forecaster in Melbourne: hardest job in the world. Glad you like the post. Any one of those rings could happily find themselves at home on my fingers too - ah, to dream! V xo

  14. Hello gorgeous. Better have a glass of Champagne and a lie-down on a velvet chaise then, as your head is spinning. Preferably with a handsome attendant and a box of Haigh's chocolates for consolation. V xo

  15. Hi Anya. a bit of decadence any time of the year, as you know! But we can get away with it at Christmas perhaps a little more easily, perhaps??? V x0

  16. Why thank you Rachel! You express your sentiments so eloquently - I love that line about combining vintage glamour with modern treasures. Going to bookmark that line. Already got thoughts racing at the possibilities....V xo


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