Nov 18, 2011

Christmas Decorating: Day 3: Fabulous French Femininity

Day 3 of our Christmas Decorating series, 
and Mrs Glamour-Claus is swept away by the charm of French Femmes.

Interpreting "3 French Hens" as "3 French Mademoiselles",
this theme is palest pink, celadon green & soft gold,
with a wisp of romance, sophistication & luxury ever present.

{Note to Lords: this Christmas theme is unashamedly feminine,
but you will get your chance 
to leap about in Lordly fashion on the 10th day. Stay tuned.}

Coquembouche as the Christmas cake;
tables set with pale gold fabrics, golden chairs 
& full-headed Bourbon roses.

The exquisite art of French beading
makes an elegant wreath
for the front door,
and sets a tone of restrained elegance for the whole scheme.
{Made to order from Beads by Allgood.}

While the Christmas tree takes its cue from the most feminine of fripperies:
sparkly bejeweled shoes, prettily iced cakes,
tiny glass bottles of fresh flowers hanging on narrow velvet ribbons,
and baubles in palest pink...

...& the quintessential Parisian tone of Celadon green.

 Ivory candles in tall silver candelabra,
richly scented blush roses in moss-covered pots,
on a table set for an elegant Christmas evening.

Baubles hand painted with roses hang in the windows,
reflecting golden lights.

Small gifts for visitors could be cellophane packets
{tied with pale gold satin ribbons} hanging on the Christmas tree.
 Filled with almond dragées or baby meringue kisses
 in pistachio & rose tints.
You can DIY this pleated stand, which looks like an angel,
 to hold dragées for guests.

 Serve raspberries in Champagne jelly on Christmas Eve
in vintage coupes ~ such decadence!

Sparkly eyes for sparkly nights - how to here.

Chandeliers, sparkles & gentle colours.

Mercury glass ornaments from wisteria.

Gift tags could be printed on pale coloured card,
tied with gold velvet & satin ribbons.
Download this free beautiful graphic from EatDrinkChic
to print for DIY gift tags.

 Gifts could be wrapped in pale handmade papers,
softly pleated, then tied
with satin bows & vintage diamanté hairclips.

As a celebration of all that is utterly feminine,
the 3 French Mademoiselles theme is one of charm and delicacy.
Does this appeal to you?
 Joyeux Noël

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  1. Absolutely love your blog.  Adding you to our list!  

  2. A most delightful post Virginia, love are a clever, clever lady xo

  3. Verychicaustralia18/11/11 10:23 AM

    French and Christmas - my two most favourite things - one can't go wrong! Beautiful images in this post. Makes me want to go to Paris again :)

  4. Thank you & welcome aboard to Glamour Drops! V x0

  5. Glad you loved it Claudia! Thank you - I am having lots of fun with this series. V xo

  6. Yes, my thoughts exactly. I'll carry your suitcase for you! V x0

  7. Oh my goodness Virginia.....these looks are exactly what I am thinking about doing for my Christmas decor this year....somewhat vintage....lovely!!

    LR @ Magnificent or Egregious

  8. Really? Well great minds think alike, as they say. Fab that we are on the same page! V xo

  9. FashionableShenanigans18/11/11 5:04 PM

    Absolutely LOVE your blog! Found you from Check mine out :) :
    Following you now. Absolutely love the picture of the table setting with the moss covered flower vases. Such a chic idea!

  10. Georgica Pond18/11/11 6:34 PM

    Perfectly exquisite each and every one. 

  11. robinsonheather18/11/11 8:55 PM

    Mais bien sur, j'adore cette thema! :) As I am sitting here in my knee high biker boots and skinny jeans, it makes me want to go change and put on something more girly. Sigh. I am loving all of these Virginia. 

    Bon week-end et bisous!


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