Nov 11, 2011

Christmas Decorating: 12 Days of Christmas: Natural Luxe

Thought it may be rather fun
to have a look at a dozen different themes
for Christmas decorating,
in a new series,
inspired by the 12 Days of Christmas ditty.

 So without further ado,
today Mrs Glamour-Claus presents...

This look is natural luxe...
bark, feathers, linen, wood, organic textures & nature.

For starters, who said we have to have a pine tree?
This is a chance to mix things up a little!
Try using whatever tree branch you have growing in your area.

Which could either be a green branch from a real tree,

or an artistic timber version.
This one comes flat packed
& I'm thinking it would also be rather nice 
streakily-painted in pale green vegetable dye.

Or use a couple of branches, with different kinds of bark.

Hang the tree with any natural materials you can find,
tied with jute string or torn strips of linen.
These oranges have been sliced, then baked in a slow oven to dry out.

Sticks of cinnamon tied with walnuts & scented star anise.

Instructions to make these items here.

Heart garlands in recycled materials from Paper Polaroid.

Seed pods from a New Zealand Christmas tree in my garden, 
sitting on a 1950s boomerang-shaped copper bowl
in the hallway.

Beeswax candles, which burn with an unmatched beautiful scent,
rusted birds and hand made resin bowls set the scene. 
{All from Est Austalia.}

Handmade paper boxes {Paper Polaroid
could be filled with advent chocolate.
{8 boxes for $15 on etsy.}

Brown paper packages tied up with string,
wrapped with style by the inimitable Coco from Roost.

Incorporate butterflies as well as birds to create a woodland feel.
This little gold butterfly sits on a branch 
which fell in my garden during a recent storm.
The morning light glistens on the butterfly's wings in a daily performance.

Christmas cards with a feather motif tie in nicely to our natural luxe theme.
In exquisitely delicate brush-strokes, 
these cards from NYC based Inslee Haynes 
can be customised with your own printed message
{10 cards for $25. Details here.}

Christmas wreath can be made from sticks or vines, 
wrapped with muslin, leaves or bark.
On my front door, the grape vine wreath has been wrapped 
in paperbark & string,
and decorated with parrot feathers.
{Rumbah's feathers, to be precise.
For those of you who are regular followers,
you will know he is my latte-addicted pet lorrikeet with attitude.}

And for the last word, 
it has to be cake.

What could be more fitting to eat during the festive season
in our natural luxe theme than a Pink Forest Cake with Chocolate Trees?
In a modern take on an old favourite, 
I think I might try this recipe out this weekend, 
just to make sure it is ok.

So what do you think?
Are you tempted to try out a natural luxe theme 
for Christmas decorating
this year?

Or perhaps stay tuned....because there are 11 more themes 
coming this way from Mrs Glamour-Claus.

You can catchup with the whole series here.

images: 12 Days of Christmas pinwheels from Paper Polaroid on etsy;
all jewelery by Nomiki Glynatsis Couture;
vintage white dress
table vignette + dried branch Christmas tree + Merry Christmas sign Burlap Luxe
ripe pears on treetimber pear tree
all artwork blue fruit. 


  1. renee finberg12/11/11 11:39 AM

    you are scaring me. { but i am easily frightened}
    christmas so soon?? everyone is doing it.
    over here.... we haven't even  done the turkey thing yet.

    the dried orange ornament is so clever.

    so much work went into this.
    a beautiful post.


  2. renee finberg12/11/11 11:41 AM

    everyone is doing christmas post already.
    but over here....we haven't even cooked the turkey yet. hahahah

    this was a beautiful post.

  3. Oh Renee I know! I say it every single year, but honestly, where the hell did the year go? As soon as we have a few warm sunny days with clear blue sky, it starts to have the feel of Christmas in Australia. And this week, cherries appeared in the shops, so it's starting to feel a lot like Christmas...(I know that is all very different in your half of the world, but it's funny how both kinds of weather changes trigger the Christmas season all across the globe.) V xx

  4. Great decorating ideas!  Still trying to decide on this year's theme.

    LR @ Magnificent or Egregious

  5. Well perhaps I may help - or possibly hinder - by this series then! Making it up as I go along, but each will hopefully be quite different. V xx

  6. Brilliant ideas! It is wonderful when you see lovely creations from the most unexpected materials. Have a fabulous weekend, Kellie xx

  7. Heather in Arles13/11/11 5:50 AM

    Mrs. Glamour-Claus, where have you been all of my life?!? Heehee. Truly, I am all over this! I trrrriiied last year (still a NYCgirl ahead of curve, ahem) to make this happen--including making a Christmas chandelier out of branches and vintage pampilles...did I put that on my blog? I can't remember. I don't know what you are going to come up with that can top this but I can't wait to find out!

    Bisous, V. You are amazing!

  8. Rachel Callaghan13/11/11 8:45 AM

    A swag of gorgeousness for day one. Can' t wait for days 2 through to 12!!! Lots of ideas to adapt in this post. Cheers, Rx

  9. my seasonal table13/11/11 1:21 PM

    Lovely decorating tips for the festive season. Fantastic post.

  10. Joy at Joyfulthings14/11/11 4:07 AM

    wow.  It's all so beautiful!   the wrapping, the dried oranges, the jewelry, the dresses - absolutely inspiring - thank you! 

  11. Marsha @ Splenderosa14/11/11 5:18 AM

    OMG, am I loving this series already.  Just brilliantly creative.  Sending love from Texas....

  12. Hello Kellie. Yes, I agree, I love seeing materials used in unusual ways. Always on the hunt for new materials to incorporate into my building designs, and my goodness there are so many fabulous things out there now that we are totally spoilt for choice. V xx

  13. Hello Heather! You are giving my French dictionary a good workout - which I am loving!! The chandelier sounds really beautiful, and yep, right ahead of the curve as I would expect. Take the city of NYC but not NYC out of the girl and all that. Did you keep it? I suspect not, as it would have been hard to move to the new place. Don't know about you, but I become too ruthless when we move, and then regret it later. Vxx

  14. Hi Rachel! Glad that you found things in the post to use. And hopefully, the other days won't disappoint. Already plotting and planning the turtle doves theme for tomorrow...V xx

  15. Thank you My Seasonal Table! It was lots of fun to put together. V xx

  16. Aren't the oranges a clever idea? So easy. Well, I hope they are as easy as they sound. I am going to try making some with the last of the winter  oranges. Hopefully it wont end up one giant orange  juice mess! V xx

  17. Ooh, so happy that you enjoyed it Marsha! Thank you, V xx

  18. Sublime inspiration. 

  19. Alexis Hunter16/11/11 4:10 AM

    What a fantastic series Virginia and so much inspiration! We all know you're a bit of a pro when it comes to table decor so can't wait to see your other festive decorating ideas too. Woo hoo. Roll on day three! Lex. xx


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