Nov 30, 2011

Christmas Decorating: Day 8: Country Cream


Such a busy time of year, 
so Mrs Glamour~Claus thinks we need a holiday in the country,
to celebrate our 8th Day of Christmas Decorating.

Nov 29, 2011

Christmas Decorating: Day 7: Lakes & Oceans...

On the 7th day of our Christmas decorating series,
 a present of 7 Swans a Swimming 
would be a very pretty one.
And a rather wet gift, too, Mrs Glamour~Claus reasons.
So today, the theme is Lakes & Oceans,
which means lots of blue, aqua, white & sand in the colour scheme.

Nov 27, 2011

Just something pretty...

A dress to twirl in,
the Cherry Red Diamond Double from EmmaJane
is floaty & flirty & fabulous for sunny Sunday afternoons. 

Nov 26, 2011

A courtyard to catch the sunshine...

Here's a rather interesting home up for sale in leafy South Yarra,
which is built around a very appealing sun-drenched courtyard.

Nov 25, 2011

The perfect pink rose: meet kathleen harrop...

If ever there were a perfect pink rose, 
this little lady has to be it. And a bit.
One cut flower can scent a whole room. I kid you not.
No thorns. Lusciously dark green leaves.
Please meet lady Kathleen Harrop.

Nov 24, 2011

Christmas Decorating: Day 6: Jewel Bright Gems

The goose that laid the golden egg,
full of precious colourful gems,
is the inspiration for Mrs Glamour~Claus today.
And if there are 6 geese all busy laying golden eggs, 
well, we better just surrender ourselves to a bright, glittering
array of fabulously jeweled tones.

Ruby red, topaz blue, pale green peridots, purple amethyst, gold sapphire:
the most intense of tones make up our 6th decorating scheme of
Jewel Bright Gems.

Nov 23, 2011

Take me Away to the Glass Diamond...

Perched snugly above Lake Murton in Switzerland,
like a luxurious treehouse built from bronze & timber,
is this most enchantingly named retreat

Nov 21, 2011

Christmas Decorating: Day 5: Golden Glamour

Ahh...this one has to be Mrs Glamour~Claus' 
favourite holiday decorating theme.
How could it not, with no less than 5 gifts of golden rings?
So today, she presents Golden Glamour
for your decorating pleasure.

Christmas Decorating: Day 4: Black & White Sheet Music

A colly bird is a blackbird,
& as he is a fellow with one of the sweetest notes,
Mrs Glamour-Claus has prepared a tribute to his song
in today's Christmas Decorating Theme:
Four Blackbirds Caroling.

This is a very easy theme because, 
just like the little blackbird,
it's all about the beauty of simplicity.

Using a base of black & white like a sheet of song music 
{and a touch of gold for his beak}
will create a very elegant scheme for holiday decorating.

 "Black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. 
It is the perfect harmony." 


Use printed sheets of Christmas music for wrapping paper.
{You can download a pdf to print out it out yourself here.}
Then trim with black lace & feathers.


Decorate the tree with sweet musical notes
& little blackbirds. 

 Just a touch of black feathers in a hair barrette for Christmas parties.

 Introduce other graphic elements in black and white too,
like these bonbons with a vintage feel.

A most elegant scheme, 
for a stylish Christmas soirée 
~ one which should be accompanied by heavenly Christmas music ~ 
as inspired by the simple beauty 
of a blackbird singing. 

Tra-la-la...Mrs Glamour-Claus is off to hum a tune or two...
shall you join me in song???

In case you missed the earlier decorating days, you can catch up here.

images: 1: 1915 Christmas illustration: the Graphics Fairy; 2: artwork blue fruit; 
3: gift tags; 4: blackbird bath5: artwork blue fruit {1/2/3/4/5}; 
11: black velvet bag; 12: artwork blue fruit {1/2/3/4/5/6/7}; 
13: barette14: artwork blue fruit {1/2/3/4/5/6}; 15: baubles; 16:bonbon; 17: choker

Nov 19, 2011

Limestone, Oak & Marble: elegant mansion on the market

Warm coffee with lashings of whipped cream.
No, I'm not talking about a drink.
I'm referring to this elegant colonnaded Italinate mansion,
renovated with a warm palette of coffee beans, cream & lattes,
with limed oak floors, carrara marble & limestone.

Clendore was built at St Kilda during the Boom Time of the 1880s.
It was an era characterised by 
ornate buildings, lavish with detail, 
as Melbourne doubled in size in less than a decade
~ and wealth from gold was on display.

Nov 18, 2011

Christmas Decorating: Day 3: Fabulous French Femininity

Day 3 of our Christmas Decorating series, 
and Mrs Glamour-Claus is swept away by the charm of French Femmes.

Interpreting "3 French Hens" as "3 French Mademoiselles",
this theme is palest pink, celadon green & soft gold,
with a wisp of romance, sophistication & luxury ever present.

{Note to Lords: this Christmas theme is unashamedly feminine,
but you will get your chance 
to leap about in Lordly fashion on the 10th day. Stay tuned.}

Coquembouche as the Christmas cake;
tables set with pale gold fabrics, golden chairs 
& full-headed Bourbon roses.

The exquisite art of French beading
makes an elegant wreath
for the front door,
and sets a tone of restrained elegance for the whole scheme.
{Made to order from Beads by Allgood.}

While the Christmas tree takes its cue from the most feminine of fripperies:
sparkly bejeweled shoes, prettily iced cakes,
tiny glass bottles of fresh flowers hanging on narrow velvet ribbons,
and baubles in palest pink...

...& the quintessential Parisian tone of Celadon green.

 Ivory candles in tall silver candelabra,
richly scented blush roses in moss-covered pots,
on a table set for an elegant Christmas evening.

Baubles hand painted with roses hang in the windows,
reflecting golden lights.

Small gifts for visitors could be cellophane packets
{tied with pale gold satin ribbons} hanging on the Christmas tree.
 Filled with almond dragées or baby meringue kisses
 in pistachio & rose tints.
You can DIY this pleated stand, which looks like an angel,
 to hold dragées for guests.

 Serve raspberries in Champagne jelly on Christmas Eve
in vintage coupes ~ such decadence!

Sparkly eyes for sparkly nights - how to here.

Chandeliers, sparkles & gentle colours.

Mercury glass ornaments from wisteria.

Gift tags could be printed on pale coloured card,
tied with gold velvet & satin ribbons.
Download this free beautiful graphic from EatDrinkChic
to print for DIY gift tags.

 Gifts could be wrapped in pale handmade papers,
softly pleated, then tied
with satin bows & vintage diamanté hairclips.

As a celebration of all that is utterly feminine,
the 3 French Mademoiselles theme is one of charm and delicacy.
Does this appeal to you?
 Joyeux Noël

In case you missed the earlier decorating days, you can catch up here.
1: chic girls illustrations by Inslee Haynes; 2: three french hens tag bluefruit;
3: Parisians book Amazon; 4: artwork bluefruit;
5: table set with coquembouche Parisian Events
6/7: French beaded wreath Beads by Allgood; 8: gold hand knocker
9: tree moodboard {1/2/3/4/5}
10: Ladurée; 11/16/20: Parisian Events; 12: green baubles
13: DIY holder Martha Stewart/ meringues tastedragée;
14: georgeous; 15: sparkly eyes; 17: green mercury baubles;
18: gift tag graphic EatDrinkChic; 19: pink Christmas tree with deer;  21: Sarah Klassen
22: sparkly shoes; 23: Christmas heart ornament

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