Oct 7, 2011

Utterly Feminine: Swirls of Chiffon, Beads & Fringing by Thurley

Walking into a Thurley boutique 
is a chance to enter a sanctuary of loveliness. 
With classically elegant fittings of herringbone floors,
brass railings and cream walls,
the delicately feminine clothes imbue a quiet glamour.
Thurley's spring-summer 2011 collection
continues that quiet glamour,
with a nod to the 1920s & 30s in the use of feathers, fringing & pleats.
Considering that the label was only launched 5 years ago,
{and the first store opened just 12 months ago in Melbourne},
Thurley has grown very quickly to 5 stores already.
And of course an online store too.
But then, with clothes & accessories this lovely, 
it's not hard to see why they are growing!

Flower images: Cecilia Fox


  1. Hello Miss virginia

    I seriously was reading this with my mouth slightly open as in amazement!
    then I caught myself looking quite less than a photo moment that I would want published and I closed my mouth.

    I love them all

    have a wonderful day

    x  Loulou

  2. Georgica Pond7/10/11 4:07 PM

    Very pretty, ethereal, feminine, graceful - just lovely. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. robinsonheather7/10/11 6:43 PM

    So pretty! I love the blush shades. I would also like to have the life to go with such flirty yet elegant clothes! :)

  4. Oh Virginia,
    I adore these images - just gorgeous.
    Blush is lush :O)
    Have a great weekend sweets,

  5. Wow! Each of these dresses are absolutely beautiful. Love the beading and fringe details. It is easy to see why this brand is expanding this quickly because they are so gorgeous and well-made!

    Have a beautiful weekend, Virginia!


  6. Hi Loulou! What a fabulous description! However, I seriously doubt you would ever have a non-photogenic moment so I do protest muchly! Hope your weekend is being beautiful.

  7. Hello Heather! Yes, the blush shades gives them that charming "before the war" sentimentality, don't they? I can see you twirling about in one of these dresses, Remi at your side in some dashingly cut dinner suit, holding a soiree in that fabulous wreck of an enchanted house that I hope you will own one day {the one with the stone arches}, pouring cocktails in great style amongst the falling stones. Oh, and some foot-tapping music wafting around too, as the guests chat and laughter tickles the air. 

  8. Blush is lush - very clever Anya! Hope your weekend is perfectly enchanting too. 

  9. Hello Jessie! Well made, yes so true. Beautifully stitched, and with gorgeous fabric. It seems as the world buys more and more cheap clothes which fall apart the minute they are worn (grr, grr) then we will return to things which are properly made, like these ones, as a reaction. I would so much rather have fewer, but beautiful quality, clothes than racks and racks of cheap garments that fall apart. 


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