Oct 4, 2011

Sunlight Dappled Rooms & Formal Gardens: Sue Carr + Paul Bangay on the Design Team

When a couple of esteemed designers
teamed up to produce a family home 
of generous proportions & simple contemporary lines,
the result was a house which allows the furnishings 
to take centre stage.
Sue Carr has brought 
thoughtful detail to each area,
drawing on her commercial design background.
The bronzed balustrade to this mezzanine
& the narrow clerestory window above
add just enough interest to enhance the space,
without overwhelming it with fussy detail.
While Paul Bangay's landscape design
draws on his signature symmetry of axis
& repeated use of limited plant varieties.
Internally, this home for sale at Caulfield North
has been kitted out in warm tones of timber & limestone.
While the current owner's furnishings 
have lots of texture & pattern with Moroccan inspirations,
the shell of the house could adapt very easily 
to many different furnishing styles.
It's a big house.
Lots of spacious rooms,
which overlook large gardens.
The house itself is very simple,
with frameless windows, no cornices & crisply rectilinear lines.
The disciplined material palette of limestone floor tiles,
rich oak timbers used judiciously
& ivory tones throughout,
creates a unified theme throughout the home. 

The personality comes from the choice 
of furniture & decorative elements,
which means it is the kind of house which is a springboard
for people who like to add their own style. 

Can you imagine boldy coloured artworks here?
Or a collection of orange, red & yellow Murano glass bowls
on a glass table with white chairs?
It would also work brilliantly.
Architecture recedes: furnishing becomes king. 
It's an adaptable house.

What do you think?
Would you like to live here?

Property Location: 58 Howitt Rd, Caulfield North, Melbourne.
Agents: Kay & Burton
Designer: Sue Carr
Landscape Design: Paul Bangay


  1. Annie Loveridge4/10/11 2:24 PM

    I love Paul Bangay's work so thank you for posting this. I think I have all his books and can pore over them for hours. Something about all that order and symmetry really works for me! My husband would agree...'scary' he says! Annie x.

  2. Really? Well you would have enjoyed this then! His own country house's garden is open next month, and I was toying with going to see it. If I do, I will be sure to take lots of photos for you. 

  3. Jane and Lance Hattatt4/10/11 5:56 PM

    Hello Virginia:
    We love the discipline and formality in both house and garden here. For us, it is the furnishings which are the least successful part, so no problem when they are removed! The clean lines have a wonderful purity about them and the symmetrical, restrained plantings outdoors complement the architecture perfectly. Definitely a hit with us!!

  4. robinsonheather4/10/11 6:33 PM

    I have to agree with les Hattats that I would prefer to see this house empty! Gorgeous lines and a non-showy approach to connecting with the beautiful garden--love it. 

  5. I love the contrast between modern house and midcetury furniture! Really interesting and I think it works well too. The pear post is also lovely! I want to get a pear and sink my theet in it! 


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