Oct 10, 2011

Riot of Glorious Colour: the artwork of a shoebox

 Imagine 388 clear acrylic shoeboxes,
each filled with a shot of
 of brilliant, bold colour.
It's the work of former Melbourne, 
but now New York based,
artist Ryan Foote.
The colourful bolts of colour
are actually the offcuts of vinyl used in his artworks,
but they have been turned into an artwork themselves.
The shoebox collection is for sale, 
either as a complete artwork,
or it can be broken up into individual boxes, 
to be used to store, 
gee, I don't know...
maybe colourful shoes?
That's a thought!

Details here.

Images: Ryan Foote


  1. That's quite a wall of colour...very clever!!
    Suzie xx

  2. robinsonheather10/10/11 7:24 PM

    Interrresting...it would be a shame to break it up!

  3. Love the color explosion - wow candy for the eyes:)
    Happy monday Virginia,

  4. Hi Virginia

    now that is sensational - love it.  I want a wall of shoe boxes like that - can I have shoes in them too please?

    hope you had a wonderful weekend - look forward to see you this week on the blog baby.



  5. Wow! So dramatic! What a huge statement! Who would have thought?


  6. Monica {Bohemian Twilight}13/10/11 8:49 AM

    hi there!
    I love that these are off-cuts made into art themselves - waste not and all that. :)


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