Oct 5, 2011

A Perfumed Posy: the first rose of Spring

 The first spring rose has blossomed in my garden,
and I couldn't resist picking it.
It's one of Delbard's French Painter varieties.
This is the "Henri Matisse" rose and the intense colours do him justice.
Still life with lemons, 
Henri Matisse, 1943.
Hmm...that pink background does match the rose! 
Combined with apple blossom,
Italian lavender & yarrow,
it's a posy of perfume.
Such beauty in simple things! 

images: flowers: blue fruit 
Still Life with Lemons, held by the Museum of Modern d'Art


  1. match.box.muse6/10/11 7:03 AM

    such a beautiful flower! it really does brightens up the day. hope you're having a great week :)

    love, M

  2. Now that's an idea Mel! 
    I always dry the roses - both whole and in loose petals - to turn into pot pourri which I have in various antique bowls around the house. They are quite beautiful when dried whole but obviously don't have the same crazy intense colouring. But I wonder if there is a way to preserve them with colour and turn them into a brooch? You have me curious now...

  3. Why thank you! Yes, I agree, when they are home grown (with a few odd splodges of imperfection for good measure) they are so much nicer than buying them from a store. And roses are so easy to grow, even in pots. 

  4. Hello Loulou. Delighted I am shocking you with something as beautiful as a lovely rose! 

  5. Hello Carolyn. I find this autumn/spring thing endlessly fascinating too. It's a great reminder of how much the seasons affect how we think and feel. 

  6. Oh but buds are SO exciting Abbey! It means anticipation. And running out to check each day to see if they have opened yet. Who needs Christmas presents to open when a garden is so much more dynamic?

  7. Thank you Blue - that is indeed an outstanding compliment. Truly, this collection of French Painters roses by Delbard are extraordinary. This Matisse one has a fresh raspberry scent which is the kind that makes one want to bury one's nose in the flower all day long! I have a whole hedge of roses - Pisarro, Cezanne, Grimaldi, Savoy & Utrillo - which flower from spring to autumn. Each is a slightly different colour, so you can imagine who amazing the hedge looks when they are all in flower. 

    I only plant roses with scent - can't see the point of them otherwise. But I am also rather partial to roses with madly bright colouring and stripes - because I love each flower being different to the rest. The perfection of imperfection, if you will. 

  8. Thank you! And this little flower can brighten up any room it is put in too. 

  9. Rachel Callaghan6/10/11 7:34 AM

    As one gardener to another, I feel like saying congratulations! The rose is just divine, and it is sooo special to have the first one out. Ours are still weeks away, here. Enjoy the season......... Rachel C

  10. Good Morning Rachel! Thank you! I can't remember ever having a rose bloom so early in October before - normally it is the end of the month so they are just in time for Halloween decorations and of course for the Melbourne Cup which is the first Tuesday in November (whereupon all of Melbourne is awash with glorious roses). But we have had such a mild winter, that the roses must have figured it is later than it is. Yours are not far away! 

  11. Stylish Irish10/10/11 6:54 PM

    What an absolutely gorgeous rose! Yay for Spring


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