Oct 24, 2011

On the Market: Black/ White & Colour all over!

If you love a palette of black and white
with cheerful blasts of pure, unadulterated colour,
then this beautifully renovated house in the Adelaide Hills
may just reach out and tickle your fancy.

The living areas are calming and smart 
in neutrals, with black & white as a cohesive element.
While the bedrooms are blasts of colour.
Starting life as a cream brick 1950s house,
Birk Knott has been extended & renovated under the guidance
to create a home of generous proportions.
Well thought out zoning creates lots of pockets
for different activities for all the family.
The bright colours reflect the personality of the owner, Kate,
who writes a hilarious blog about, well, just life really. 
Family life with wit and style, that is.

Birk Knott is on the market because the family
 is relocating to Melbourne.
The Adelaide Hills are renowned for their beautiful
English style gardens,
and this property has 6,500 square metres of them.
Hard to believe this is just 20 minutes from the CBD.
So peaceful and tranquil.
When we lived in Adelaide, 
we used to romanticise about moving to the charming Hills,
where koalas still live amongst the treetops
and the air is crisply fresh, redolent of eucalyptus trees.
It's great to see a home for sale 
which isn't afraid to show off a bit of colour.
Would you like to live here?

Property location: Birk Knott, 14 White Ave Crafers, Adelaide.
Agents & images: Klemich Real Estate
Architects & Interior Designers: Williams Burton


  1. Linda from OEKE24/10/11 10:15 AM

    Virginia - I saw this one too .. such an amazing home - and such an amazing transformation.
    I love everything about this house - and I most definately would love to live here!!

    Have a great week - hope the weather on that side of the bay is better than this side (-:

  2. This house has so much personality and a gorgeous view from what seems to be every room in the house. Love it.

    Kel x

  3. Hello Linda! Weather here -- eerrr... what happened to spring??? I imagine your side of the bay have the same grey raindrops as my side of the bay! And to think yesterday we were at the beach dipping our toes in the squiggley warm sand...

    This house is fabulously colourful and bright isn't it? Without being garish. Vxx

  4. Hi Kellie! Yes, indeed, personality all over it and such a refreshing thing to see it so. With one's own private botanical gardens to admire from every window, as you say, it truly would be like living in a park. Vxx

  5. renee finberg24/10/11 2:11 PM

    there is no doubt about it.
    i would!

    love all the main areas and the baths....
    bedrooms-not so much


  6. robinsonheather24/10/11 7:05 PM

    Well, I have to say that I love it--and that is a lot of "modern" color for old-fashioned me but geez, it is just so happy! Definitely a good times home. :) And now that I am knowledgable about the work of William Platner thanks to your blog I can see the reference in the brick and copper fireplace!

    I also just wanted to say thank you so very, very much for your support over on my blog. I had just received a mean comment right before yours but when I read your lovely response, I just forgot about the other.

    Bisous Virginia, you are such an amazing lady!

  7. I love the elegance of black and white combinations, although I lean more on the happy vibes colorful interior decorations project. great photos. :)

  8. Camille Styles24/10/11 11:15 PM

    Gorgeous images - I'm a bit partial to the last one, since that's the exact wallpaper I have hanging in my laundry room. It makes me happy every time I'm folding clothes! :)

  9. I love all of the big windows and I just bought the umbrella of that wallpaper - no, that's not good English, hmm, umbrella option of that wallpaper?
    No I do not know how to say that!

  10. I always fancied that Eames chair - it is so classic and stylish. Great spaces Virginia, I hope you have a great week,

  11. Wow - what a transformation. Love the kitchen, with those subway tiles with contrasting grout, so fab. and the bathroom is pretty cool too. Not sure about the bedroom wall colours, may give me a headache, but the exterior and gardens are beautiful. PS I've included you and your fabulous blog in my list of Versatile Bloggers today, an award well deserved. 

  12. Love the kitchen, library, living room, bathroom and those windows! Of course I would love to live here, the house and the backyard are beautiful. But I will have to repaint those bright colored walls. I love colors but not that much! :) Those pretty wallpapers can stay though! 


  13. Hello Renee! Ah, well I am finding that most people are feeling the same way about the strong colour in the bedrooms. I love the bright colours, but I recognise that it is certainly not for everyone. Vxx

  14. Yes, it sure is a lot of colour - but then the colours used in Victorian and Georgian times were pretty out there - so perhaps this bright blast is not so modern after all! And as for supporting you, my absolute honour and pleasure to do so - I thoroughly treasure your insights into life, people, what makes the world go round, and all that philosophy stuff. Vxx 

  15. Hello Creative Fashion Glee and welcome to Glamour Drops. Yes, I agree, they sure are happy vibes - I am sure it would be impossible to be grumpy in those bright rooms. 

  16. Hello Camille! Thrilled you popped in to say hello on Glamour Drops. That must be some amazing laundry you have, with this super-groovy wallpaper in it! No plain white boring utilitarian laundry for you! Vxx

  17. Oh wow Tabitha, the umbrella would be gorgeous! It would make me look forward to the rain, so I could pop open such fabulousness. Vxx

  18. Hello Anya! Me too - have always loved that chair - and I have lost count of how many times I have used it in boardroom designs! An utter classic which is divinely comfortable. Vxx

  19. Well we don't want you getting a headache Mel! It's really interesting about these bedroom colours - people either love them or find them too bright. Nothing in between. Vxx

  20. Ah, now that's interesting Jessie because I know you like colour! Vxx


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