Oct 25, 2011

Oh so Pretty: Summer 2012 Collection from Aung

With a delicate take on this season's florals, 
the new Flora Jargon collection from Aung
captures the delicacy of a gentle afternoon in a sunlit garden.
It's a young Australian label,
with an emphasis on fine fabrics with a sensuous touch.
And while the designer draws on 
his Burmese background 
for inspiration, 
there is also a very Australian unfussed elegance to this collection.
Clothes which are so graceful and simply beautiful
that they become classics in a wardrobe.

Dressed up with a chignon, gold heels 
& a brightly bejeweled necklace for an evening at the theatre,
or with nude heels, long beads & a huge floppy straw hat for the races.
I love mixing vintage with new,
in an eclectic mix.
The always stylish Cecylia does this beautifully,
in an Aung silk skirt
with a vintage blouse & clutch.
Aung's collection is made in Australia,
and is available from a small selection of boutiques
Mmm... I can definitely see one of these beauties 
joining my wardrobe this season.
But which to pick? 

Aung, Summer 2012 Flora Jargon Collection
image 5: Cecylia


  1. Rachel Callaghan25/10/11 10:06 AM

    Loving the long skirt. Can see myself in that one. I am a sucker for anything with flowers on it - and these are gorgeous. If I was you I would pick one of each - takes the difficulty of making the decision away!!! Have fun!! Rachel

  2. Claudia Lane25/10/11 10:39 AM

    what an exquisite choice Virginia, I love the floral skirt in the top and bottom pics, I think I prefer the shorter version...lovely
    Hope you are having a good day :)
    Claudia xo

  3. No surprise I looooove that and white skirt - have to get myself a bottle of fake tan before I think about that one. 

  4. Annie Loveridge25/10/11 12:09 PM

    You always find the most beautiful clothes. That white dress is perfect thank you! Love the sleeves and love the draped length at the back. Very simple but different. It's the most beautiful day here too so I could wear it now...to school run??? A x.

  5. Mapleandvine25/10/11 6:18 PM

    so cute. loving the collared sleeveless dress the best!

  6. Rachel {Da Paura}26/10/11 9:19 AM

    Loving all of these gorgeous floral skirts!  So feminine and perfect!

  7. Hello Rachel. Oh dear, that doesn't help me choose at all, thank you! But I think the longer one has garnered my fancy too. Vxx

  8. Hiyah Claudia.  Tis an exquisite choice! The florals are so vibrant, aren't they? Vxx

  9. Well I don't know Mel. With all this nostalgia in fashion and interiors at the moment, it will (hopefully) only be a matter of time before very pale skin comes back into vogue for those of us who have to rely on the bottled variety. Celebrate what you have, I reckon! If you are naturally dark, good for you; but if you are naturally pale, can't we just be that too? Vxx

  10. Hello Margaret! You have taken a breath to look up from your studies! Hope all is going well. I love that one too - such a paradox to have the high collar all buttoned up, but then sleeveless and short. I love that sense of the unexpected! Vxx

  11. Hello gorgeous Rachel... yes, feminine is the WORD! Can just imagine that they make you feel like twirling - always a good thing in my book. Vxx


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