Oct 12, 2011

Nest: the home of the architect behind Duckbuild

It's fascinating to see inside architects' & designers' own homes. 
It's kind of a snapshot of their thoughts on design at that moment.
Because design, like many creative pursuits,
is an evolutionary thing,
and good designers keep evolving. 
This is the home of Simon Cookes, 
the architect behind the young Melbourne firm Duckbuild.
On a modest plot only 4.5 metres wide
in the inner city suburb of Cremorne,
Simon has experimented with recycled materials,
shafts of light, bolts of vivid colour & 
merging planes of space.
Shapes collide; colours jolt.
It's a home of energy & vitality.
With deep courtyards bringing in much-celebrated natural light.
Nest was originally built to be both home & office,
but Duckbuild has grown wings & flown to a larger space of its own
in nearby South Melbourne.
Which leaves Nest to be exactly that: a cosy retreat, just like its namesake.

Duckbuild, 133 Market St, South Melbourne
Images: ADR DW
Photography: Josh Robenstone


  1. Love the stairs, the kitchen and the courtyards.
    I agree with you, it's fantastic to see inside architects and designers own homes because where they are free to create.
    Have a great week.

  2. Hi virginia

    Wow  - what one can do with a lot of talent and a small lot and mix in glamour is amazing.

    that is a great place.

    have a wonderful day lady lady lady - I'm dashing out the door after this x


  3. A beautifully designed home which feels spacious and interesting - incredible to fit all that character and design into a 4.5m wide slot! He's obviously got a lot of creativity and I love his mix of materials.

  4. A rather fabulously curvaceous shape, isn't it?

  5. And free to experiment, too, which is fabulous. Although in some ways, much harder than having a client! 

  6. Lots of talent squeezed into one tiny space! Enjoy the sunny spring day as you dash out the door. In Melbourne, we are back to grey...

  7. Hello Anna. Yes, I agree it does feel spacious although it is impossibly narrow. A clever mix of materials and planes tricks the eye, I think. 

  8. Woods Sarah12/10/11 5:39 PM

    Hi Virginia, kind of night-clubbie, but I like it.
    Sar x

  9. Special and cool. I love the wavy-tiled-bathroom-roof!

  10. robinsonheather12/10/11 10:51 PM

    I agree with Anna--I love that the house doesn't look small or cramped in the least way! Somehow even the clubbie vibe is working for me. 


  11. Rachel {Da Paura}13/10/11 3:08 AM

    This is amazing!  I often wonder if home decor designers ever change their overall style depending on mood or if they stick to one particular mode that is truly them.  (for example changing dramatically from modern to vintage or vice versa)  Perhaps it changes slightly but their core style never changes.  I'm loving the courtyards with natural light!  So beautiful.

  12. Love the minimalist and modern kitchen and the courtyard! My husband and I always have this dream of building a custom home with a courtyard as the main feature. Love the stairs as well. Very cool home!


  13. Wow...so chic and sophisticated.  Love the open and minimalist feel!!


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