Oct 26, 2011

A Haze of Indigo: handpainted cushions from Xavier & Me

In a haze of the prettiest blue, 
these new linen cushions from Xavier & Me
are hand painted in Bleu de Lectoure ink.

Painted in what?
Bleu de Lectoure comes from the woad plant, 
and has been used since Ancient Egyptian times to create
soft indigo blue on fabric. 
Hand painted onto each cushion,
creating exquisite variations,
the water based ink has a soft luminance.  

They are part of the new Natural Harvest limited edition range. 
Available direct from Xavier and Me

Gorgeous, aren't they?


  1. Hattatt Janeandlance26/10/11 7:26 AM

    Hello Virginia:
    What can we say but to agree? They are absolutely lovely, not least for the way in which one blue appears to 'fade' into another.

  2. Rachel {Da Paura}26/10/11 9:18 AM

    Wow, this is so unique and exudes glamour and elegance.  So lovely!


  3. Joy at Joyfulthings26/10/11 9:34 AM

    beautiful colors!

  4. Hi Jane + Lance! Yes, it would be hard to find somebody who didn't like them, I suspect. Tick number one: in blue, the world's favourite colour. Tick number two: they are handmade which makes them extra special. Tick number three: they have a history which is interesting for it creates a provenance for something as humble as a little cushion. And tick number four: they are beautiful! Vxx

  5. Hello Rachel. Isn't it delightful to have something unique? Bit like your philosophy of your own clothing design, really. Actually, a LOT like it! Vxx

  6. Hmmm...I figured they would appeal to the artist in you Joy! Vxx

  7. Little Inspirations26/10/11 12:55 PM

    ohhh how lovely! i especially like the second image where the cushion resembles an endless ocean! 
    so glad I stumbled upon your lovely blog, following you now :) i'm a newbie to the blogosphere so if you have a moment, hope you might have a look and follow too! xo Ellie

  8. Hi Miss Virginia

    I love them - they are homely, professional, expensive looking and best of all coastal looking to me.

    loving the blue - loving it  I will check out the link too :)

    have a wonderful day

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  9. Tamra Sanford26/10/11 4:36 PM

    Hi sweetie, no doubt at all the first pillow is most definitely one of the prettiest blues i've seen!!

  10. Hello and welcome to glamour drops Little Inspirations! Delighted to meet you and will pop over to say hello on your own blog. 

  11. Howdy Missy Loulou! I'm obsessed with blue lately too...don't know why... I just want to keep specifying all my projects in blue which would never do! Vxx

  12. Hello Tamra! Yes, isn't it just? Blue can be cool or utilitarian but not on these little babies. It's a pretty blue through and through. Vxx

  13. I love these pillows - they are lush and i love the blues :) Happy Wednesday Miss Virginia,

  14. robinsonheather26/10/11 7:58 PM

    Uh oh. I think that I want them. And I haven't seen the price yet which probably means that I can't have them as pillows seem to cost as much as a pair of Blahniks these days. Will brace myself  and head to the link...

  15. Virginia, those pillows are gorgeous!
    I love blue. When it`s Summer, I change all my pillows for lots of others in blue and white, my all times favorite composition.
    Have a great week.


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