Oct 31, 2011

Halloween amongst the Hats & Horses...

Halloween has fallen right in amongst the Hats & Horses 
in Melbourne this year - for it is the Spring Racing Carnival.
All talk is about the Melbourne Cup tomorrow:
which hat to wear, which horse to win & which witch for Halloween.
My Victorian Gothic themed Halloween dinner party on Saturday
was a marvelous excuse to bring out antique glass jelly moulds,
filled with artemesia flowers & lemon balm from the garden.

One of the guests took the Victorian theme quite literally, 
and arrived as a soot-covered chimney sweep.
Name cards printed onto heavy cream stock
were clipped into these antique place card holders.
{They are from the 19th century - and wonderful for dinner parties.}
With Halloween tonight, 
and horse races all around us,
it's hard not to get into the spirit of fun & festivities.

I hope you have a fabulous Halloween, 
wherever you are,
because one is never too old to dress up,
for the races or for Halloween.

table setting images: blue fruit


  1. Hi Virginia

    Pretty racing photos and the dinner you had - how gorgeous.

    I hope the soot stayed put though :))

    loving the Filly's as you know - my husband is off again to the races tomorrow and I am having a small family party together with a few bets here and there.  Next year we may get to Melbourne and attend Flemington - one never knows.
    For some strange reason each year of Melbourne Cup - I have to have Caesar Salad. Go figure!  I go a year without it and on cup day I love it??!!
    No stop trying to sum me up :)

    have a wonderful day

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  2. Yum - love Caesar salad! Rich but extremely delicious. Yes, the soot stayed put - it was a great costume and he even brought a cobweb broom so he could "fly"' home on it like a witch - so it was a clever outfit for Halloween. Vxx

  3. Another lovely post Virginia...happy Halloween to you too ;)

    Claudia xo

  4. Gorgeous post Virginia - loved the dinner table setting - very cool indeed.
    Have a great start to your week,
    Happy Halloween,

  5. Hattatt Janeandlance31/10/11 6:13 PM

    Hello Virginia:
    Your 'seasonal' dinner party looks to have been arranged with great style with not a cut out pumpkin in sight. We should have expected absolutely no less from you and are sure that you all had, including the chimney sweep, the most wonderful time.

  6. Hello Claudia. Thank you! Vxx

  7. Hi Anya - it is a lovely way to start the week with a 4 day long weekend here - oh luxury! Vxx

  8. Thank you Jane + Lance! You always say the most delightful & flattering things! Ah, yes, I don't quite do the pumpkin thing for Halloween - pumpkins are fairly meaningless as a symbol here as it is spring in Australia. We are excited that summer is just around the corner! But it is really a fabulous excuse to have some fun with some themed decorations - and I can't resist that. Vxx

  9. renee finberg1/11/11 3:45 AM

    love this.



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