Oct 21, 2011

The Glamour of a Dressing Table Set...

There are few things which can impart so much glamour
into a bedroom as simply as a beautiful dressing table set,
especially a vintage one.

I have been hunting for a vintage set 
of hand mirror, brush & comb for a while, 
and happened upon this lovely one yesterday, 
when I was searching for antique furniture for a project.

While it isn't always possible to fit such a large 
dressing table as Colleen Moore had here
(oh, I wish, I wish)
the addition of a little corner set up with a few perfume bottles
& a boudoir style mirror set can add an element of inexpensive luxury.
 After all,
 a little sense of romance & luxury
is such an easy thing to do,
and it sets the day up to be a glamourous one.
And we all love that! 

Images: vintage dressing table set & late Victorian enamel tobacco tin: blue fruit.
All Hollywood starlets at their dressing tables: Starlet Showcase 


  1. Annie Loveridge21/10/11 1:17 PM

    It's beautiful Virginia - what a fabulous find! It looks so beautiful against the pink of the pigfaces. Now doesn't that sound better than my initial attempt of 'your pigfaces'!!! Have a lovely weekend. Annie x.

  2. Thank you Annie! Glad you changed the wording!!!!! Hope you have a gorgeous weekend too - lots of planning and plotting for the new adventure, no doubt! Vxx

  3. Joy at Joyfulthings21/10/11 4:00 PM

    My aunt had one of those vanity sets and I loved to rub the brush against my face as it was so soft and smooth.  As I got older I wondered how that brush could ever run through hair.  It was lovely though, as is your set.

  4. Red Roses and Crystal21/10/11 5:30 PM

    I remember as a child having a little dressing table with matching stool in my bedroom. Actually I've always desired one as an adult but as furniture they really went out of vogue. 
    Maybe one day...
    Annie xx

  5. I always wanted a glamorous dressing table - where I could sit and brush my hair like the ladies used to do - for ages and powder my little tiny nose. Love the new found glamour drops in your bedroom Virginia,
    Have a lovely weekend,

  6. ah so glamorous and ladylike. I got my friend a silver set- silver plated too, she adores them! Thank you for sharing the silver screen shots! Gorgeous!xx

  7. These are gorgeous! Those hair accessories are to die for! Enjoy the beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

  8. Hello Joy. It is a very soft brush - a lot softer than my Mason Pearson brush which I adore. But perhaps they used to have more time so they could brush it for longer, and the softer bristles were better suited. Now, we are in such a hurry! Vxx

  9. Oh that sounds delightful Annie! Well they do seem to be sneaking back into fashion. I have just done 2 projects which had "boudoir" style dressing rooms. Vxx

  10. Doesn't that sound fabulous Anya? And preferably, there would also be a silver tray of Champagne and good chocolates to snack on during the hair brushing! Vxx 

  11. Hi Cecylia! You have a lucky friend, to have received such a lovely gift. Vxx

  12. Hello Kellie! Not so beautiful in Melbourne this weekend - we are back to dodging the raindrops and I have just lit the fire. But you are quite right, it is still a beautiful time, regardless of the weather. Hope yours is wonderful too! Vxx

  13. robinsonheather22/10/11 7:50 PM

    Oh good find Virginia! I am missing my dressing table. The table itself is fine but my chair needs to be repaired so I am currently doing my makeup in the bathroom which is not the same experience at all! 

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


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