Oct 18, 2011

An elegant soirée for Halloween...

Despite my unconditional love of orange,
this year I am thinking along more Victorian Gothic lines for Halloween,
with a palette of black, white & gold.
Resembling little ghosts, 
from the amazing lens of Spanish photographer Elena,
these papery garlic shells got me thinking about Halloween,
and how perhaps it might be nice to rethink & romanticise it a little.

Perhaps some old glass jars, 
painted in white with black ghostly faces,
would look gorgeous glowing softly in the window.
And a white cake,
with marshmallow ghosts.
Just simple.
With a little gold sparkle,
because one can never have too much sparkle.
A rustic table in moody darks,
with a driftwood candelabra & crumpled linen napkins.
And old books 
{although only ever the trashy kind of course,
couldn't bear to do this to old treasures}
would create a sense of being watched from the pages of history.
Guests could come dressed in black,
with a hint of gold.

With black gloves & handbags, of course.
The goody bags could be trimmed with black lace & rick-rack.
And I think this dress, 
from Dolce & Gabbana's summer 2012 collection,
would perhaps be the perfect gown to wear 
to an elegant Halloween soirée.

It puts the romance back into Gothic,
which sounds good to me! 

Instructions to make the book pumpkins here

Images: all gowns from Dolce & Gabbana summer 2012.
2/3: garlic shells bicoccacolors
8: table setting sweet paul


  1. Red Roses and Crystal18/10/11 11:57 AM

    Hello Blue Fruits
    Thanks for commenting at RRC and giving me post inspiration re jam drop recipe...there is now a dedicated post up thanks to you.
    Which brings me to your blog name Glamour Drops ...love it!
    Off now to have a good sticky beak at your lovely blog and follow.
    Annie xx

  2. Oh yum! Goodie, I will come and check out the recipe. And thank you for the delightful compliments too! V xx

  3. Adore your Halloween Theme. Love the dress instructions It will be so fun!!

    I keep forgetting to tell you how much I love your site and name!

    Oh and I have a Designer Pillows Giveaway I hope you will join!!


    Art by Karena

  4. Hello Karen! Thank you! That's wonderful to get such happy feedback. I'll come and check out your giveaway. You always have such lovely things in these competitions. V xx

  5. All those outfits look fabulous...

    The second one is more my style... love it!

  6. Marina @ Iced VoVos18/10/11 6:17 PM

    Virginia, I am in love with the D&G collection ...  I sure would love to come to your halloween party dressed in one of those little numbers! Adore the watching books also ... what a great idea! And I love the moody table setting ...
    Have a great week and thanks for sharing ... just love this post!

  7. ahhhhh  Virginia has a boundless imagination!
    thanks a lot!


  8. robinsonheather18/10/11 9:59 PM

    I love aaaaalll of this! All of it (although no one would want to see me in the midriff baring number!) as I adore Halloween. For a very long time it was my very favorite holiday (I was after all, a Goth from my late teens to early twenties). And yes, for me it was always about being elegant--to fête the darker side of the coin just for one day--but most of all a day (or evening to be more precise) when everyone used their creativity to its extreme! Gorgeous--this made my day. 

  9. hotelsdesignmonde19/10/11 12:06 AM

    Nice article, nice pics....and nice blog I'm discovering...
    Follow u right now :-)

  10. Alexis Hunter19/10/11 2:46 AM

    Hi Virginia, hope you're well! Just popped by for a (very!) long overdue catch up and so glad I did! Great post, and especially loving that rustic table, so atmospheric!!! Lex.x

  11. Ah, the glittering gold bodice? Yes, it's SO beautiful isn't it? Glamour, glamour, glamour! Vxx

  12. Me too Marina. The whole jolly collection. From the florals to the blue lace, and to the glittering swimsuits. Glad you enjoyed this post! Vxx

  13. My pleasure Elena! Well it was only because you produced such beautiful images of the garlic that I was so inspired. Vxx

  14. Hello Heather! Looking at that WONDERFUL photo of you on Remi's website (still in shock at just HOW beautiful his images are, by the way), I figure you would scrub up pretty nicely in any of these outfits actually. Vxx

  15. Hello there and welcome aboard! Thank you for the lovely compliments too! Vxx

  16. Now you are a blast from the past Alexis! Thrilled you dropped in and welcome back again! Mmm...I love that table setting too.. very inviting. Vxx

  17. Stylish Irish19/10/11 4:53 PM

    Love the painted jars, cake and moody table setting. Another great post!

  18. robinsonheather19/10/11 6:47 PM

    Oh thank you so much for the compliment Virginia! That is a GOOD photo! :) And I'll pass on your kind words to Remi--and yes, they really are that beautiful! I miss having the gallery and just seeing those beautiful prints all day. Actually, I thought of you--he is working on a new project that I think that you will especially appreciate--your kind of colors! 

  19. Georgica POnd20/10/11 1:41 PM

    Now that's my kind of Halloween! 


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