Oct 12, 2011

DIY: wire flowers: this is easy!

Just had to share this ridiculously simple tutorial
on how to make these charming little wire flowers,
In copper or gold or silver wire,
they would be lovely on presents
or delightful hanging from the ceiling on long loops of velvet ribbon.
For the how to,
go to the Fine & Feathered instructions here.


  1. These look fabulous! What a great idea! I can absolutely envision 50 pieces of this cool wire flowers of all sizes in a big feature wall in a commercial space!

    Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!


  2. renee finberg12/10/11 10:15 AM

    i am digging this big time!!

  3. OOh yes, very spectacular - especially if some of them were completely, insanely over sized like an Alice in Wonderland tea party.

  4. Hey, they would look great in your shop window! 

  5. How wonderfully simple, I love it!  I particularly like the idea of using these on gifts they would work well on either gift bags or boxes.  The possibilities seem limitless for this little DIY,,,i'm thinking place card holders,,,napkin ring holders,,,christmas tree ornaments....  Fun!!

  6. thecurtiscasa22/1/12 11:15 AM

    Oh how pretty!! Will have to try these :)


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