Oct 5, 2011

Delectable Duet: Pink + Orange

In October, thoughts turn to orange
with Halloween not so far away.
But orange has many best colour friends: one of which is pink.
The warm glow of orange + the cheeky frivolous nature of pink
make one of the most delectable of all colour duets.
I love using these colours in landscape design, 
because they glow in the early evening light,
with a luminous intensity. 
Amanda Nisbet has used the jolly vibe created by pink + orange
in this happy and not-so-serious bathroom design.
And she has used the same colours
to add sophistication & glamour
to an otherwise-neutral living room.
Perhaps not for everyone a pink kitchen!
This is a blast from the past. 
But the bright and cheerful colours of the 1950s
can teach us a thing or two about colour blocking.
Hand crocheted copper wire light shades in pink & orange
from Yoola combine bright colour with a rustic texture.
And this image, from 1959,
(in an out-take from Harper's Bazaar)
shows that pink + orange can be a glamourous,
as well as delectable, colour duet. 

images: 1/2: blue fruit /3 & 4/5: lost source /6/7


  1. Succinctly and perfectly said, Mel! 

  2. Ah, that's interesting you should mention that combination Heather. For that is my absolutely favourite colour pairing: a pale turquoise or duck egg blue with rich raspberry red. We were told at uni never to put this pair together in a hospital design, for it is too vibrant and dynamic for patients who need calm colours. Of course, I disagree wildly, believing most rules are made to be broken (!) and have used it in children's hospitals where it has been a great success. 

  3. Mmm, all good! Great combinations. I am thinking you like pink, then Patricia? 

  4. robinsonheather6/10/11 8:22 AM

    People say the craziest things. When we are, goodness forbid, in a hospital we need all of the energy we can get! Good for you to know better, Virginia. Well, of course! 

    Yes, I should have been more specific. For me it is a duck egg blue with a Venetian red--but both are blue based so we are, as seems to be the theme this week, slightly different and yet so much! 


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