Oct 27, 2011

Delectable Duet: Masculine + Feminine

Creating that delicate balance between masculinity & femininity
can form a fabulous controlled tension in interior design.
They don't have to be present in equal amounts to balance, either.
The curves on the rococo style bench, table edge & silk upholstery 
add a feminine softness in this dining room.
While the hard-edge chairs and James Bond style artwork 
adds the masculine element.

 Velvet upholstery + wrought iron doors = feminine.
Tiger rug + large block shapes to the wall = masculine.

This space illustrates the balance beautifully. 
Straight-lined furniture contrasts with curvaceous ceiling details.
And masculine brick bond wall tiling contrasts with the rounded moulding.

So if you want to create a space with that sense of controlled tension,
think about balancing out some feminine with some masculine elements.
It's definitely a delectable duet! 

1: Room by Kelly LaPlante via the Diversion Project. Artwork by Ellwood T Risk.
 /2: Turtle Creek townhouse by Jan Showers 
/3: Mad Men republic via Fashionising /4: Ayaspasar House by Autoban


  1. What a wonderful post Virginia, it's so, so true...I always feel that my job is all about finding that balance...you articulated so well 
    Hope you are having a great day
    Claudia xo

  2. What a great post, you explained  so well that balance that most people look for in a room. x

  3. Mel @ Georgica Pond27/10/11 1:14 PM

    Interesting post and stunning selection of images to illustrate your point. Always beautiful and enlightening. 

  4. When I saw the first image, my initial reaction towards the artwork was they look like James Bond artwork. Great minds? Love that gorgeous second image by the way, it's what I would normally called sophisticated simplicity. I like your take on masculine mixed with feminine decor.


  5. Delighted you enjoyed it! And thank you for the lovely compliment. Vxx

  6. Oh Mel that is a gorgeous thing to say! Thank you! Vxx

  7. Yep, great minds think alike. Just proves we are brilliant, then, huh??? "Sophisticated simplicity"....like that....Vxx

  8. Hattatt Janeandlance27/10/11 7:29 PM

    Hello Virginia:
    It is such an interesting concept where interior design is concerned and something which we are often very conscious of both in our own homes and those of other people.

  9. robinsonheather27/10/11 7:37 PM

    Welcome to my life, er, I mean my home! As my honey and I both have very particular ideas about decortating we are constantly trying to find a balance. If I didn't speak up it would be all leather clubs chairs and zebra rugs (ours is a tiger cowhide actually--even more masculine!) and lithographs of old avaitors on the walls!

  10. renee finberg27/10/11 10:47 PM

    yes well,
    it is all very nice.....
    but i want the black on black hounds-tooth dress.
    And her body!!


  11. Charlotta Ward27/10/11 10:47 PM

    Lovely post Ms Glamour Drops! I too love a good balance of both masculine and feminine.
    I am not at all a 'girly girl' hence I tend to lean towards a more 'masculine' and clean looking base, but I do like the soft edge of a 'womans touch' to detail. You will always find flowers, candles and bowls of fresh fruit in my home..! :)

    Big hugs from afar.

    xx Charlotta

  12. I am very fond of the almost Bond'esque images in picture 1 - very cool Miss Virginia,

  13. I love the wrought iron doors!    I tend to go for a more masculine streamlined look, but with feminine touches here and there, as Charlotta posted below.

    LR @ Magnificent or Egregious

  14. Hi Virginia, I'm also a Melbourne based designer but live down the coast (Anglesea) with my surfing Landscape Architect husband. I just came across your very inspiring blog full of good taste & style so I have just signed up as your latest follower because I will be back for some more inspiration as I think we have quite a bit in common!
    Melissah from Scrapbook

  15. Hi Melissah and welcome to Glamour Drops! Thank you for the lovely comments & it's nice to "meet" another nearby designer.  Anglesea is a beautiful part of the world - quite stunning along the coast there. The rugged natural beauty would provide boundless inspiration to a designer, I imagine. Vxx

  16. Hello Virgina,
    Just came across this when a friend sent it my way. I am the designer (and former resident) of the loft that is featured in the first shot (with the "Bond Girls"). The artist is Ellwood T. Risk, from Venice Beach CA—he is a favorite of mine! I've since moved but this painting still hangs in my dining room with the same table... though now the table is painted Tiffany Blue!

    Thanks for including this shot  as an example of masculine-meets-feminine. That was exactly what I was going for!

    Warm regards,
    Kelly LaPlante

  17. Hi Kelly and I am absolutely chuffed that you left me this comment because I was at my wit's ends trying to find the original credit for this wonderful image. Now I can credit both you and Ellwood. 

    It's always fascinating to hear how other people perceive a space - and delighted that my take on your room was exactly as you had wished it to be. I adore this composition - to me it is the perfect balance of feminine + masculine. Virginia x 


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