Oct 19, 2011

Colour Blocking? Just ask Nature about that...

 Sitting on my desk this morning
are these impossibly bright Pink Pigface flowers,
freshly gathered from the garden.
 They truly are the most shocking, deliciously delectable pink.
And a fabulous bolt of colour for visitors,
as they are growing by the front door.
They love a sunny spot, 
which they have here,
as they tumble down amongst the rocks.
So I figure when it comes to the current fashion for colour blocking, 
we can just draw inspiration from nature. 

Images: blue fruit, from my garden.
Pink pigface, Carpobrotus Glaucescens


  1. What a lovely welcome for your visitors. Enjoy them x

  2. Annie Loveridge19/10/11 11:47 AM

    Perfect for me today thank you. Lily wants her new bedroom to be pink and yellow and is quite specific about the tones! To prove her point, she 'colour blocked' some pink leggings with a yellow top this morning. Oh school uniforms - how I love you! Annie x.

  3. So many colour blocks by nature about up here too. Loving the jacarandas in bloom lining the roads.
    Enjoy your Wednesday.
    Sar x

  4. Yes well if they were feeling at all sleepy, it sure wakes them up! The rest of the front garden is white, so this really stands out. Vxx

  5. How exciting for the girls to be able to pick their own colours for the new home. Sound like a chip of the old block, with a love of colour like that! Vxx

  6. When I lived in Rockhampton, there was no finer sight than when the Jacarandas were in full bloom all along the main streets. Oh, such intense pure blue - unbelievable! One of the joys of living in the sub-tropics - revel in it Sarah! Vxx

  7. Catherine Andrako19/10/11 1:38 PM

    Color will surely cure whatever ails you. This is such a welcoming blast of pink. Thanks for your visit. I had so many of the same thoughts.

  8. Hi Catherine, yes I think colour is a very powerful force for good - as is food! Vxx

  9. Bright and beautiful flowers like always lift my spirits up! You always have the loveliest flowers in your garden! Thanks for sharing!


  10. Browsing through at 7 in te morning. Rain is pouring, wind almost tearing the house down and the autumn weather in western Norway is doing its very best jobb, this flowers sure is making the start of my day different. I love earth shiftings.

  11. Red Roses and Crystal19/10/11 4:29 PM

    Oh how gorgeous are these! Must plant some pronto...just adore that pink, it's a really Happy colour.
    Annie xx

  12. Amazing! It looks so surreal! Have a delightful day, Kellie xx

  13. Amy Tomlinson20/10/11 1:39 AM

    I love the post!  The flowers are beautiful!  Thanks for sharing a snippet  of nature's color blocking!


  14. Joy at Joyfulthings20/10/11 2:45 AM

    I tried to convince my husband to let me paint the front door a bright fuschia color but he vetoed that really quickly.  I shot of bright in the middle of drab is beautiful - just how the Pigface accentuates the rocks which otherwise might go unnoticed.  

  15. Charlotta Ward20/10/11 7:27 AM

    Darling!! I haven't been here for a little while and when I click in it all looks new!
    When did this fab make over happen? Have I been gone that long?
    Have been a terrible blog friend (to all) after the massive move from the bottom of the world to the top. Have caught my breath now and am very happy here in Sweden! :)

    Hope you are well darling.

    xx Charlotta

  16. Thank you Jessie. My garden is an endless pleasure, both to work in and to reap the bounty of harvest! After living in tiny apartments, there is nothing more luxurious than being able to pick one's own flowers. Vxx

  17. Hello Annie! Oh yes do plant them - I am running a single woman brigade to bring them back into fashion! They also come in white, yellow, pale pink and orange, flower whenever it is sunny and are a traffic stopper. Plus, you can eat the tender leaves (stir fried or in salads) and they are tough, tough, tough. Vxx

  18. Surreal is the word Kellie. They are so bright it looks like an artist has been at them with a paintbrush! Vxx

  19. Hello Amy and welcome to Glamour Drops! Thank you and yep, whenever we need inspiration for colour combos, I reckon nature provides plenty. Vxx

  20. Oh Joy that is a very funny tale! But I'm with you on this one, sorry husband. A fuschia front door would be AMAZING!!! Vxx

  21. Hello gorgeous Charlotta! Well you have had a fine excuse for not popping in, and all is forgiven! Having moved my own family from one side of the world to the other (twice) I know how all-consuming this process can be. But exciting! Thrilled that you are so happy to be home, no place like familiarity - although you know we will always claim you as an Aussie too. Vxx

  22. Claudia Lane20/10/11 1:05 PM

    yes ask nature indeed...so very inspirational, love the amazing colours.

    Hope your week is going well Virginia :)
    Claudia xo

  23. Georgica Pond20/10/11 1:40 PM

    Best place for colour blocking and nobody can do it as well as mother nature!

  24. The colour is stunning Virginia!  They remind me of a flowering plant we have here called 'mums', very hardy.  Sold in pots, like a mini flowering bush, they are a fall staple that everyone uses to replace their summer blooms inbetween the seasonal holiday decor.  They have slightly smaller heads than these but otherwise the flower looks identical.  Your right, its one big block of colour, very effective!! 


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