Oct 16, 2011

At the Races: Need a Hat!

Ah, these ladies from 1965 are all a flutter at the races.
Which horse to back?
Which hat to wear?
Well, if they were to fast forward to 2011,
they could choose a hat from Paris Kyne's fab new collection,
freshly launched in time for the Spring Racing Season.
Which do you fancy?
This hat with a generous swirl of feathers in rusty red?
With a brim to hold the sunlight at bay?
Or this classic little confection in black?
There's no shadow of a doubt
that a fabulous hat makes a stunning statement at the races! 

Images: 1: Melbourne Cup 1965, Photography by David Moore.
2/3/4: Birds of Paradise collection for Spring 2011, Paris Kyne, Photography Glenda Rowe.


  1. I'm such a hat lover. Really enjoyed pondering these looks. x

  2. Miss Virginia

    That first photo is you and I - we are working out how much money to back on Black Caviar.
    (We are mad racing people here)
    That's it - I need to get out my pointy horned rimmed glasses.

    have a wonderful day and I smiled so much with the photo.



  3. PS

    meant to say - love the new look - did you do that?

    x  Loulou

  4. Oh Loulou, I was at a vintage fashion centre yesterday and I thought of you when I found a whole section of floral hats just like this photo! Oh and matching gloves of course! Yes, all eyes on Black Caviar. 

  5. They are such fun aren't they? Glam but I also love the one with the brim because it would be a useful sun hat as well.

  6. Thank you! Must be the change of season, but I just felt like making it a bit more sultry! And yes, I did it. 

  7. Hi Virginia,

    I vote for the classic little black number.  Very nice.  I am so looking forward to perusing the racing carnival fashion this year.

    Kel x

  8. renee finberg17/10/11 4:49 AM

    you know i am so small...
    the brim would have to be tiny.
    but you can shoot me first
    before i would wear the hats ( with the smallest brims )
    in the first image.

    oh my...............how i would love to be going to the races!!

  9. robinsonheather17/10/11 7:30 AM

    Well, sadly not the little black wonder as I fear it would interfere with my cocktail sipping capabilities. But really? Any of the others. And I have heard tell that Black Caviar is going to pull a sprint in the stretch.


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