Sep 2, 2011

What? No garden? Then I will plant one on the floor instead!

 What do you do if you live in
 a tiny beach side apartment
but you miss having a garden?
 Why if it's the 1970s,
you simply simulate nature with rocks concreted to the walls,
and a Scottish floral carpet on the floor.
This lady is suitably dressed to pop in for cocktails at the bar.
 And when this glorious beach is just outside your door
{which is Tamarama beach in Sydney},
well, why not have some fun with the decor?
Just as they did in this photo shoot.
It's so absurd but I rather love it,
for it's groovy fun attitude. 
And it's fab that it has been kept like this from the early 1970s.
After all, who said life has to be serious?

Would you like to live here?

Property location: 72/20 Illawong Ave Tamarama Sydney
Agents: Ray White


  1. Annie Loveridge2/9/11 10:54 AM

    Yeah, I think I could live there! If you ever got fed up with the decor, although I like it's 'feel' too, you could always take in that view. Wouldn't that be amazing?!

  2. This house is so 70s!
    It's so great how they kept its interiors but, 
    since I'm a neutral person I couldn't live with all these colors and textures.
    Big hugs to you.

  3. Oh Tereza with your elegant good taste, I could NOT see you living here at all happily! For the view, yes, but for the decor, no! 

  4. Annie it's great fun, isn't it? It may feel a bit like living in a museum, but it would be fabulous for holiday rentals with a 1970s theme. 

  5. Now Miss V

    get a grip - you can't do that to me.
    Lets get a bin skip and rip it up right now! Come on I've got my work gloves on then we'll go for lunch afterwards.

    how about some gorgeous neutral seagrass coir matting (you know how the classy Scandinavians do it) with a killer view like that - why disturb the scenery.


    have a fun day


    (ps thank you for your kind words on my post - very appreciated x)

  6. Claudia Lane2/9/11 12:04 PM

    oh much as I appreciate a bit of personality and character in a home, the flower carpet is definitely a "no, no" for me 
    (sorry 70's!...)Gorgeous view though :)Claudia xo

  7. Oh really Loulou? I can't tempt you with the crazy carpet? And how about the ceiling? That's special! 
    Well I like the lunch bit, that sounds fabulous....perhaps some grilled sea perch & a glass of pinot gris in a little sea cliff cafe across the road? You're on! 

  8. Personality in spades, this one has it I reckon Claudia! 
    And yep, that view takes the cake. Would be most difficult to compete with such a scene - winter or summer. 

  9. I don't mind living there, just look at those gorgeous view! But I will have to rip the carpet out or put some rug over them! :)

    Have a great week!

  10. Hi Jessie! I wonder if we will ever go back to loving floral carpets again? 

  11. Amazing views but I'm not sure I love the carpet and the dark beams on the low ceiling! Maybe you could have the carpet cut down into a rug?

  12. And would you believe they actually LOWERED the ceiling to make it cosy??? Go figure....Good idea about cutting the carpet into a rug. Then it keeps a link with the original - without being quite so pervasive. 

  13. Jane and Lance Hattatt2/9/11 4:25 PM

    Hello Virginia:
    The view is absolutely wonderful. Who could ask for more? The interior decorations, and the carpet, although period pieces of the 1970s, are, to our minds, absolutely dreadful - beyond words. But each to his or her own!!

    A very happy weekend.

  14. Hello Jane & Lance. Well you know if you had liked this carpet and fake stone I would have fallen off my chair in shock!

    I do wonder what people thought of it when it was first put in, though. Do you think they thought it as absurd then as we do now? Or is it just the prism of history which lets us evaluate it differently? 

  15. robinsonheather2/9/11 5:58 PM

    I considered leaving an elaborate super serious comment about how much I love the decor and would keep it just as it is but then, seeing your response to Les Hattats, I realized that you would immediately see through the ruse. :)

    Imagine what you could do to this puppy in just one day? While you attack the carpet with Lou Lou, I could whip up a lait de chaux in off white for the stone--we just need someone else to knock down the false ceiling! Anyone in? Truly, it could be a mega stunning neutral zen zone in no time!

  16. Ah I know you too well Heather, and you me! I would indeed, have questioned my own judgement of you, and then I would have realised you were pulling my leg! 

    It's sounding rather good so far, with the carpet gone and the coir matting put down instead, and I love the idea of lait de chaux for the stone - all that creamy goodness. Mmmm...


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