Sep 3, 2011

Weekend Thoughts...time for simple things

 So looking forward to a weekend of lovely things.
Perhaps a Gin & Tonic with my husband,
as the evening shadows fall,
before going to the theatre.
Then a tray of crispy apples by the log fire,
as a midnight snack. 
Breakfast in a vineyard on Sunday morning, 
to celebrate Father's Day.
And the children & I will be baking this 
for afternoon tea.
{With garam masala for a touch of delicate spice.} 
Isn't the illustration beautiful?
It's by the clever Alexandra Nea.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend, 
whether farewelling summer or welcoming spring, 
wherever you are. 

1: Adrienne Ames via Hollyhocks & Tulips tumblr/
2+4+5+7: Sarah Winward florist/3/6/8: blue fruit/9


  1. Hi virginia

    thank you for a gorgeous photo of the bathers - I adore photos like that.

    oh your weekend sounds fabbo!

    Have a great weekend and a fathers day for Mr Blue Fruit too :)

    thanks for your lovely entertaining posts this week - and looking forward to see you on the blog again baby!



  2. Woods Sarah3/9/11 11:23 AM

    Hello, I missed you! Thanks for your lovely comment. I had only re-added you to my Aussie blogs list right
    Before I read your comment. The weekend sounds full of romance, have a good time!
    Sar x

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend plan. Love the illustration by the way, it's so pretty!

    Have a fabulous weekend, Virginia!

  4. Thank you Loulou! What a lovely thing to say - about being entertained this week - I am delighted. And yes, isn't she glamorous and gorgeous in her swimming costume? I love these old images too. 

  5. Hi Sarah! Thrilled to be on your list! We are going to see Love Never Dies tonight - I can't wait. Hope you have a lovely weekend too. 

  6. Thank you Jessie! I hope you do as well. She has a delightful style of illustration, it has a daintiness to it. And her blog is charming too. 

  7. robinsonheather3/9/11 5:47 PM

    "These are a few of my favorite things...". While I am still decorating yesterday's monster, you are already off having one fantastic weekend! 

    I love that first photo too. My goodness how glamorous.

  8. Anyaadores3/9/11 6:30 PM

    Sounds lovely Virginia - the gin & tonic with husband :) Have a great weekend and enjoy !

  9. renee finberg4/9/11 12:26 AM

    gin martinis anyone??

    have a great weekend xx

  10. Joy at Joyfulthings4/9/11 2:23 AM

    Those photos are so beautiful.   And thanks for mentioning Alexandra Nea on your blog - her art is beautiful and she has recipes!  I will be looking further  after my day of painting the outside of our house is over.  Enjoy your weekend.  J

  11. Virginia,
    this post is gorgeous, those glasses are fantastic,  I have lots of glasses, my husband thinks it's some kind of disease.
    That dress is so romantic, love it, too.
    Love to read your comments on my blog, thank you.
    Wish you a happy weekend.


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