Sep 30, 2011

Weekend Thoughts: Time for Glamour...

After a very busy week, 
so thrilled that the weekend beckons.
And a little reminder that there is always time for 
a spot of glamour on these precious days off.
Perhaps a chance to wear a pretty gown,
for sipping cocktails or a cosy dinner for two.
Or a an early morning jaunt on an elegant black steed,
trotting through old gardens.
A few moments of utter luxury...
...breakfast in bed on Sunday morning,
the sun streaming through pretty windows, 
with freshly made coffee,
buttery croissants & dollops of strawberry jam.
Supper in the garden,
with chilled Champagne,
and time to linger.
Chatting at interval time with girlfriends,
during a fabulous new theatre production.
Feeling virtuous watching all that fresh healthy exercise,
while still looking glamourous.
Or simply kicking back at home with a fun cocktail,
vintage bar accessories
and some treasured friends.
So even if you are just walking the dog, 
I hope you have a lovely weekend,
with a little time out just for glamour! 

images: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9


  1. Happy weekend to my favourite glamour bud!

    I love your mind and I love some of those photos - did you see those "spotty" embossed dresses and those shoes too!!! OMG
    Love the vintage

    take care



  2. Hello dear Loulou. I thought that might be a shot of you and me at the theatre in our glam spotted dresses!!! 

  3. Georgica Pond30/9/11 12:03 PM

    Where do you find these amazing photos. That image of the black stallion took my breath away. 

  4. Joyfulthings Donovan30/9/11 2:46 PM

    I used to ride horses and I never looked that elegant.  And those dresses with the flocked circles - and the heels!  Love it.

  5. Love that beautiful headboard and those black and white spotted dresses! Have a fabulous weekend, Virginia!

  6. Oh, all over the place Mel - mostly when I am hunting for images for mood boards for my projects. So I have a huge stockpile! 

  7. Well Joy I used to have a horse, and spent most of my childhood doing dressage and jumps. But I never looked like that either! One can aspire, however! 

  8. Thank you dear Jessie! I hope you do too. And the dresses are totally gorgeous, aren't they?

  9. Jane and Lance Hattatt30/9/11 6:01 PM

    Hello Virginia:
    How wonderful. Pure, unadulterated glamour and we do so hope that yours is every bit as good as that which is shown in these images.

    Kellemes hétvégét!

  10. sfiziesfarzimoda.blogspot.com30/9/11 6:10 PM

    Mamma mia quanto sono belle queste foto !!! Baci Marcella

  11. Marsha @ Splenderosa30/9/11 10:18 PM

    What a lovely little story. And I am in love with those black & white dresses, are they Marc Jacobs?  
    Have a great weekend.  xx's

  12. LOVING the glamour  - can I come too and wear one of those dresses - I think they might be Stella McCartney - she had a lot of polka dots going on:) Happy friday dear Virginia,

  13. TamraSanford1/10/11 8:33 AM

    ohhh all of the above is oh so dreamy.  I heart those Stella Dresses.  Happy weekend!

  14. Hi Marsha! Well while I have been sleeping on Friday night, you girls have been having a fab conversation about these dresses! They are Stella McCartney - part of her winter range - and the shot was taken during NYFC - but not sure who the photographer was - I couldn't find a reference. 

  15. Spot on Anya - they are indeed Stella's brilliant creations! You know your designers! Yes, lots of gorgeous polka dots in her collection which I am crazy for too. 

  16. Hello Tamra! Yes I heart them too. In fact I think I am smitten with everything in her new range. All so chic and glamorous. 

  17. sash.ewing2/10/11 7:12 PM

    Love those dresses! Especially that first white tassle one, wish it was hanging in my wardrobe! Hope you had a fabulous weekend, Sasha x

  18. Ann Penalba2/10/11 11:37 PM

    I love your images

    and your words...

    I love this blog coz' it is so inspiring,

    full of happy thoughts.

    I am now your newest follower ♥


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