Sep 10, 2011

Weekend Thoughts: time for closeness

Wishing you a beautiful weekend,
full of promise, laughter & fun;
but most importantly,
surrounded by those you love most.
Whether family and friends are near 
or scattered over the world,
here's a toast to the beauty of relationships,
and just how precious they are,
especially on this quiet weekend of remembrance. 



  1. Claudia Lane10/9/11 12:18 PM

    Hi Virginia, am loving your glamour posts...Today's is another beauty...
    Here's to relationships and to the wonderful world of blog friendship :)

    Have a fantastic week-end
    Claudia xo

  2. renee finberg10/9/11 1:06 PM

    closeness....what a wonderful thing to with for us.

  3. Thank you dear Claudia, and I hope you do too. I am loving my new blog friendships - they are precious and I love that we have pretty much the same perspectives, across many countries and many cultures. 

  4. Hello Renee! There truly is nothing more important in the whole of our life, I think, than closeness to other people. And some are more lucky than others in that. 

  5. robinsonheather10/9/11 6:52 PM

    Toasting to you, Virginia, you are an amazing lady and I so appreciate our exchanges. 

    And I am taking a moment to be so very grateful for my honey, my Mom and Sis and beautiful Ben as well. 

    Many blessings. 

    Bon weekend!

  6. Hi Virginia,

    Thank you for such a touching post.  It is certainly a weekend to be thankful for all the wonderful people in our lives.

    Kellie x

  7. Hello Miss Virginia

    thank you for a lovely week of posts - I am so grateful to you for becoming such a great "blog" friend.

    I am such a sop (really soppy!) when it comes to relationships.  I am so grateful to blogs and the virtual acquaintances I meet - but then if I am blessed, I get to decide to call some my "blog friends".
    so thanks BF!

    have a wonderful weekend - rug up girly - it's cold and windy - see you next week


  8. LR @ Magnificent or Egregious?11/9/11 1:44 AM

    I love the dress in the first photo!  Lovely post, simple and true.

  9. Rachel {Da Paura}11/9/11 3:08 AM

    This is such a stunning post!  The photos are elegant and glamorous and your lovely words are perfect to match!  Thank you for the reminder to value our relationships, so important.  xoxo

  10. Sarah Gibbs11/9/11 4:07 AM

    beautiful & thoughtful post. Gorgeous images, I absolutely love that stunning dress

  11. Thank you:-) Have a great weekend as well! That first pictures is stunning!
    hugs,xxAsk Erena

  12. Hi lovely,
    This is a beautiful post; with the pictures and accompanying words. As we reminisce on Sept. 11th, it emphasiszes just how important our relationships with others are! Have a lovely weekend my friend. XX

  13. We should definitely cherish our loved ones and our close friends and be thankful for them. Very thoughtful post. 

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend, too! 



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