Sep 16, 2011

Vintage Glamour...oh yes please!

As a girl who is a tad fond of vintage clothes,
jewelery, handbags & cars,
not to mention architecture of course,
these enchanting photographs of the Darnell Collection by Esme,
recently modeled in the National Gallery,
are rather much like vintage heaven.
Ah, the elegance in the details!

All images: Esme & the laneway


  1. LR @ Magnificent or Egregious16/9/11 9:57 AM

    I am all about the details, love this post! 

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, and I can imagine it would be right down your street in the style stakes! 

  3. Hello Miss V

    Oh yes the elegance and the glamour is stunning.
    There was not a detail ever left out but it was never over done either.
    There were no 5 earrings up the ears, the stud in the tongue or eyebrow, no tattoo sleeves etc... Just pure elegance, style and sophistication

    love the lace handbag - it's beautiful.

    I want to go lock myself in a room for 2 days watching my old audrey movies :)


  4. Hi Loulou! Yes well I'll bring the sparkling and the Champagne coupes, you bring the chocolate truffles & eclairs, and we can happily spend 2 days watching old Audrey movies.

  5. Miss V 
    a PS
    we have a virtual connection don't we!

    I was commenting on yours and you were commenting on mine at the EXACT same time

    Snap sister!


  6. Shazaam! Well, you know what they say about brilliant minds thinking alike...and who are we to argue such wisdom???

  7. he he he :)))

  8. I love this post, Virginia. Lots of gorgeous eye candy! I adore the lacy skirt and the colorful dress! Not forgetting the beautiful jewelry, too!

    P/S: Regarding your question about the home tour I posted, the size of the home is 100 square meters 
    (1076.39104 sq feet).

  9. Jane and Lance Hattatt16/9/11 6:23 PM

    Hello Virginia:
    You are so right. Pure elegance. And what, of course, marks these images out is both the attention to detail and the creativity which is so much in evidence.

  10. robinsonheather16/9/11 6:25 PM

    Well, you know how thrilled I am by this post--and girl, I needed this today--I am dragging! 

    Two thoughts: I saw your blog just after Quintessence's talking about the J Mendel show at NY Fashion Week. How lovely here to see some curves--women!--I am so tired of the boney models. I think that designers would have to radically shift their way of working if they were doing so for women and not size 0 adolescent bodies. Dior didn't need thinness to make his pieces iconic! Nor Balenciaga! 

    Second thought: I would invite myself to the Audrey film marathon but fear I would be thrown out. Too annoying when I quote all the lines... :)


  11. Jimminy Crickets! That is tiny! That makes the design even more clever. 

  12. Hi Heather! It was very exciting to see quite a few of the parades last week at Melbourne Fashion Week which featured "real" girls. Oh, so much more beautiful! In fact, there was much discussion about it locally, and I absolute applaud it too. 

    Promise we won't throw you out because both of us may do exactly the same thing! Or we have to throw all of us out! 

  13. The Devoted Classicist16/9/11 10:47 PM

    While it might have been more expected for the background to match the fashion, this is a resfreshing juxtaposition.

  14. I love vintage glamour too, the last two images are beautiful, I love the model's ethereal pallor.

  15. Nothing beats vintage glamour! And gorgeous jewel-tone colors. Thank you for your lovely comments too! Phil xxxxxxx


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