Sep 15, 2011

To Skip Along a Boardwalk...

It's one of the oldest design tricks 
in the book of architecture:
use a boardwalk at the front entrance to entice 
the visitor to the front door.
Bit like a pirates's plank, really.
Only a much nicer ending! 
This house by Architecture Works
uses a series of boardwalks & covered outdoor corridors  
to link pavilions together.
Some of the corridors are internal,
with glass to both long sides.
Subtle linking to the exterior,
by running the glazing in a recessed channel 
at floor level, 
and continuing timber boards
inside & out.
Some corridors are alfresco, 
creating shade in summer.
Clerestory windows continue the "corridor" theme,
adding stripes of sky views and welcome light without heat.
The garden is young, 
but as it grows into maturity
I suspect this house will sit very comfortably 
within its simplicity.

Which means it will be delightful to skip along those boardwalks! 

images & design: Architecture Works


  1. I'm certainly enticed...these are gorgeous!!

  2. Anyaadores15/9/11 3:11 PM

    Lovely boardwalks - they look so awesome :)
    Hope you have a great day,

  3. Jane and Lance Hattatt15/9/11 5:39 PM

    Hello Virginia:
    Well, we should certainly not be ones to complain if required to 'walk the plank' in this building! We love the clean lines and the echoing of the boards internally and externally. As you say, once the garden has matured the building will sit easily with its surroundings. Most successful design, we think.

  4. Balletnews16/9/11 3:20 AM

    LOVED it !! Make me skip for sure !!!

  5. robinsonheather16/9/11 6:32 AM

    Huh. I cannot for the life of me imagine les Hattats here. Just goes to show that I have a lot to learn!

    One bit more--the photographer who did this shoot is a mega keeper Virginia. Truly, if you don't know him or her, I can tell you that even Remi would approve!

  6. Glad you are enticed! It would be a fun house to live in with young children, don't you think? The corridors & boardwalks would really appeal to their sense of playfulness. 

  7. Hello Anya! Awesome indeed, and  they bring in that beach feel too somewhat. 

  8. Hello Jane + Lance! Well it is REALLY interesting to discover what you 2 like and don't like. I am beginning to get the picture I think - you don't like contrived design? But good design, well thought out and executed, that seems to tick the boxes? 

  9. Hello Amy and welcome to glamour drops! 

  10. Hi Ballet News. Well if a dancer can skip down a boardwalk, the rest of us should follow suit I reckon! 

  11. Well that is high praise Heather. Ah, do you say that because of the inclusion of people in the shots? (I love that, and wish people would be in more architecture photographs because then you can see how the space is really used. I know I am out on a limb here though!) 

    Or because there are some really great angles & play on light happening perhaps? 

  12. i love this! thanxs for sharing!

  13. The Devoted Classicist16/9/11 10:42 PM

    The sound of the footsteps of wood is interesting, just like the cars on a gravel driveway. But both are not always the most practical choice.

  14. Ephemerette18/9/11 4:22 AM

    So elegant. Love the warm textures and planting mixed in with those clean lines.


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