Sep 19, 2011

Swimming Pool shape defines the architecture

In a sweeping curve of blue
reflecting dramatic sky above,
 a swimming pool defines & echoes
the very heart of this curvilinear home for sale.
The architect is Max Pritchard
and as is typical of his work, 
planning is the essence of the 
character of this home.
Not just the sweeping curves,
but also the way the eye is constantly drawn 
to the landscape through huge picture windows.
Located in a very lovely part of Adelaide,
the picturesque Torrens River and parks 
are just a stroll away.
It's a very striking house,
with a distinct personality.
I imagine it would be marvelous both for entertaining,
but also for just quietly taking in the beauty of sweeping curves,
natural materials & well resolved details.

Would you like to live here?

Property: 67 Harrow Road, St Peters, Adelaide.
Agent: Klemich
Architect: Max Pritchard


  1. It's a beautiful home and very clearly the work of a talented architect in terms of the thought and care that has gone into the layout. I love the use of natural materials which makes it fit very well with the landscape. Gorgeous!


  2. Hi Anna. Mmm, the natural materials do form that careful link to the landscape very beautifully here, I do agree. 

  3. It is very interesting, the house has a late '60s, early '70s feel to it.

  4. Yes, it sure does, from both the plan and the materials. I am not sure how old this house is - he graduated as an architect in 1970 and has been practicing ever since, setting up his own business in 1986.

  5. Georgica Pond19/9/11 2:35 PM

    Wow - what an amazing house - love that the pool looks like a boat. Makes me want to jump in a sail away. 

  6. Hello Miss Virginia

    A lovely home - it doesn't remind me of south australia at all - but I do like it

    love the boat shaped pool with the deck - very nautical and I am a sucker for the grass trees - love them

    have a wonderful afternoon



  7. Hi Loulou. That's an interesting observation about South Australia. I love grass trees too - so sculptural. 

  8. Then it would be fun to do little boat races on the pool, like your boat race in the country! 

  9. Mapleandvine19/9/11 4:47 PM

    wow love all the curves esp how the bedroom is on a round bit. so unique!

  10. i am more of a simple soul. but is lovely pictures to look at. one can actually get some ideas one can actually afford ; )

  11. bicocacolors19/9/11 9:23 PM

    what a wonderful house, really love it!!!!

  12. Laetitia Mayor19/9/11 11:34 PM

    If i'd like to live here?



  13. Claudia@wishyouwerehere20/9/11 4:43 PM

    This is the home I would build if I had the the clean lines, it's beautiful architecture
    Thanks for sharing
    Claudia xo

  14. Annie Loveridge21/9/11 6:02 AM

    I think the architecture is fabulous. The hall area, with the large scale painting, approaching the wall of glass is so uplifting. I can imagine walking through there and the light and view to the garden is fabulous. There's something very 'real' about this home that I can't quite put my finger on. It somehow feels like it has built with love and integrity, as well as being 'architectural'. And the pool - yes PLEASE! You find the most inspiring houses Virginia - thank you so much. Annie x

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    This home it's fantastic, I'd like live here!!!uaaaauuu
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