Sep 28, 2011

One room: two looks...Villa + Villa's own home

Quite amazing how you can achieve 
a dramatically different look
in the same room,
simply by switching up the decorative elements.
 In the top image,
crisp white walls, floorboards stained in charcoal,
a sisal rug, & colourful artworks + flowers 
make the room snappy and exciting.
While the bottom image 
{the before version} 
doesn't have quite the same vibrancy.
It's still a beautiful room,
but a quieter one.
Again, here is a before version of a space, 
used as a sitting room.
Same room: different function & style. 
Now it is a child's bedroom,
and the dark walls & floor have created a sanctuary.
These images are all from the Sydney home 
of the design & architecture
duo of Maria & Eduardo Villa,
who run the studio of Villa + Villa.
It's a dramatically gorgeous way to illustrate
how a little contrast of colour & texture
can make a room come to life.

Images: 1/4: The Design Files
2/3/5/6: Villa + Villa 


  1. While I love both spaces I think I have to say I liked the before of the kitchen better! That child's room is gorgeous too.


  2. Trish@ A dream house for Trish28/9/11 8:40 AM

    Its incredible what a difference colur can make to a room, whether it be thru art work & accesories or painting the walls. I love the dramatic changes they made to these rooms!

  3. Hi Virgina

    great examples for me - thank you - love the first photo because of brightness and white

    I know the photo of the bedroom is such an improvement but coming from Queensland I can't get my head around dark wall colours - I want it paint it white and colour pop other areas.

    but hey - that's me :)

    hope you are well Miss V - what's happening in your neck of the woods?

    see you soon



  4. Joy at Joyfulthings28/9/11 9:01 AM

    I love the dark walls of the child's room with that shot of red from the throw.  I see the beauty, I have trouble creating the beauty.

  5. Hello Anna! I wondered if anybody was going to say that...and look at you! Straight off the press and the first to comment with just such a thought! 

  6. Yes, it truly does make the most dramatic difference of anything one can do to a space I think. Apart from adding in more windows, perhaps.

  7. Hello Loulou! Ah now, a different temperature outside can make such a difference to one's perspective, can't it? As a Melbournite, I am loving these dark colours. But when I lived in Queensland, and it was hot, hot, hot, I loved using pure white walls too. 

  8. The important thing, I think, is that you can see the beauty. Doesn't matter whether you can create it or not - a lot of other people can do that for you. (Or else people in my profession would be out of business, haha!) 

    But it is only sad when people cannot see the beauty. To me, that is the true gift. 

  9. Annie Loveridge28/9/11 11:20 AM

    I had to look a few times at the dining room but you are so right! I think the shiny black floorboards really ground the room, and balance out the light fittings. The 'after' is certainly a lot more rounded and professional. As for that bedroom - so love that wall colour against the white ceiling and bed linen. After looking at so many sparkly white villas at open homes here recently, I think it's perfect! Annie x. 

  10. Love the charcoal stained floors and paintings in the first image, and I can't get over the child's bedroom...amazing!!

  11. Gorgeous dining room! Love the drama.

  12. robinsonheather28/9/11 6:23 PM

    The power of paint! And yes, of a professional eye... :)

  13. Virginia, congratulations on your post!
    The contrast is fabulous. Love the bedroom, a little dark for children, but it's gorgeous.
    Have a perfect day.

  14. renee finberg28/9/11 9:54 PM

    i am not sure why....
    but i found this to be an exciting post.
    the examples you have shown are super.
    the first image made me want to whip out a canvas and start a painting.


  15. Rachel {Da Paura}28/9/11 10:21 PM

    It is truly amazing how decor can change so much about a room!  I'm quite smitten by the "sanctuary" appeal of the child's bedroom.. has a very cozy yet clean and simple feel.  I also LOVE the distressed piece in the last photo...such character and beautifully placed photo.  Gorgeous!

  16. I am in love with the first image! Like what you said, it's exciting and vibrant,  a truly inspirational image. The child's bedroom is fabulous, too. Love the confidence and bold use of color.

    Have a great day!

  17. I love the bottom image and I want to be a young blonde Greta Scacchi lookalike like that designer. Please make it happen.

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  19. What a wonderful post! I have to admit I prefer the 'before' image of the kitchen too....and the bedroom is simply beautiful, I adore it. the colour of the walls make everything in the space (even in their simplicity) look strikingly interesting and sophisticated.  C.


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