Sep 12, 2011

On the Market: Oak Floorboards & Calacutta Marble

 When beautiful materials 
{like wide timber floorboards & richly patterned marble}
are specified in a renovation,
there is a sumptuousness which defines the architectural mood.
Isn't it fascinating how libraries are creeping back into homes?
{I have one myself, and the children can often be found
in there - as it is a room of quiet and calm.}
The house at Toorak has been renovated under the guidance
of architect Bruce Trethowan,
probably better know for his commercial & retail work in Melbourne... the new Chanel store on Russell Street,
being refurbished to provide 3 levels of shopping elegance
& 1 level for staff.
Hand sketches capture so much of the character of an idea.
But back to our house with the decadent materials...
So what do you think?
Are the oak floorboards calling your name?

Would you love to live here?

Property: 12 Stonnington Place, Toorak
Architect: Bruce Trethowan


  1. Georgica Pond12/9/11 11:40 AM

    Big wide oak floorboards teamed with marble of any kind get me every time. 

  2. Annie Loveridge12/9/11 12:02 PM

    I'm a floor plan geek and this one is very clever on, presumably, a small site. Love the fact that the study opens up to outdoors. 3 bedrooms and 3 ensuite would suit the Loveridge family nicely!

    Loved your weekend post too Virginia - that first image is so lovely and the comments you received say so much about how much people enjoy your blog. Thank you for all your comments and friendship too. Annie x.

  3. Love the oak flooring. 
    The Royal Oak floors by Harper and Sandilands in Melbourne are gorgeous. Check them out!

  4. There is not much I love more than oak flooring, luxe finishes make all the difference!


    Art by Karena

    I have a fabulous Giveaway from Interieurs I hope you will come and join!

  5. Thought that might be the case! 

  6. Oh me too Annie! In fact, designing floor plans is pretty much my favourite part of my job. And I have to agree with you about how wonderful a study with an alfresco area would be. 

    Thank you about the weekend post comments. I treasure our friendship too! 

  7. Hi Sophie! Yes I agree, their product is good. I have just specified some wide oak floorboards (from another supplier though) on one of my projects, and I cannot wait till they are laid - they should be stunning. They are to be stained charcoal - yum! 

  8. Hello Karena. Yes it is a beautiful timber, and works so very well for floors because of it's forgiving nature from the patterning of the grain. Disguises a lot of marks! 

  9. robinsonheather12/9/11 6:02 PM

    Bah, materials do not make the home, they help but you know what? I would take that scruffy Art Deco fixer upper over this place in a heartbeat! I know I am alone on this one!

  10. I rather guess you are NOT alone on that thought Heather! (Personally, I would rather have the scruffy Art Deco fixer upper too!)

  11. Oh that's another home to sink me into depression because it will never be mine!
    I used to write about interiors and every time myself and the photographer got back to the car we'd rock with misery because we would never be able to live  like that.

  12. Oh dear, that was not my intention to make you despair! Sorry about that. 

  13. Design Traveller12/9/11 10:03 PM

    Gorgeous library!

  14. Alciramolina13/9/11 1:51 AM

    I absolutely adore these chic Aussie homes that boast an inner courtyard and plantation shutters, paired with high-end, glam finishes galore. 
    Decadent, gorgeous, good one. 
    Cheers, Alcira


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