Sep 23, 2011

Little Details: snippets from my son's bedroom

Isn't this the most beautiful little handle?
It's on an old French oak dresser which is in my son's bedroom.
Little details can make such a difference to the atmosphere in a room.
Like these tiny little embroidered dotted leaves on the quilt.
 Just a little detail, but they create a raised surface
& capture the eye's attention. 
The giant teddy bear was made by my clever mother-in-law
for my husband when he was 21 and bought a fancy sports car.
She made "Goldie" for fun,
so he could sit in the front seat of the convertible.
But Goldie now has a more sedentary spot,
reclining on the bed.
I found this giant giraffe toy at a second hand shop, 
and thought he might like to keep Goldie company.
A hand made squirrel from London
(because my son used to hand feed them in the park
when we lived there)
and a glittering snowman from New York
keep watch on the dressing table.
A contrast of textures! 
 Roses & lavender gathered from the garden,
fragrant with cinnamon & star anise,
are tucked into a crystal bowl on the dresser
to add a scented detail.

Because when you are adding details,
it's good to think of all 5 senses if you can.
Sight, smell, sound, taste, touch. 
Add them all to a room and it creates a fabulous atmosphere.

images: blue fruit


  1. Ah your sons room is so beautiful  - I love the bedspread, it's simply adorable. 
    And the teddy bear Goldie is so sweet.
    Have a great weekend - Axox

  2. It is looking wonderful! I can't wait to see it in a bigger picture. Enjoy the fabulous weekend, Kellie xx

  3. Hello Virginia

    those handles are really lovely - and did you say - lavender and roses from your (yes YOUR) garden!  Once again - you never cease to amaze me with your fantastic talents

    have a wonderful weekend Miss V (thank you for being such a wonderful bloggy friend )



  4. Joy at Joyfulthings24/9/11 1:13 AM

    I love the look of  your details.   As my boys get older it is easier to switch up the look without fighting for space between the Legos and dinosaurs  and  tiny cars.  The big fight now is the stickers and the posters of  mountain biking and snowboarding.  Thank goodness for doors!

  5. TamraSanford24/9/11 2:04 AM

    Super cute! I love the comforter pattern and sweet details of the room.  That teddy is adorable!

    btw - super thanks on the brandy for our cake idea!  We will def give it a try.  x

  6. My daughter would love this room, she loves animals-I bet the giraffe would be her favorite. The room looks great. Your boy is very lucky. :)

  7. The giant teddy bear and giraffe are ah-mazing! love!

  8. Thank you Anya! I hope you have a wonderful weekend too.

  9. Hello Kellie! Thank you! The room is about to be painted and have a new carpet, so then I will post a larger picture of it. But Alistair's animals will definitely be staying - as you can see he loves animals and things from other countries as he is a bit keen on travel. 

  10. Oh Loulou, but of course they are from my garden! Forgot to put the "my" in before "garden "to make it clearer! haha. We gather the rose petals every summer to fill the pot pourri bowls around the house for winter. Apart from when we lived in the tropics {in Darwin and Rockhampton}, I have always planted roses in our gardens, no matter how tiny the space. Because there is nothing like freshly picked roses in summer or pot pourri in winter for marvelous scent, especially when mixed with aromatic eucalyptus leaves. mmm....and I treasure our bloggy friendship greatly too! 

  11. Hello Joy. Ah yes, I remember all those years of stepping on lego with bare feet....ouch...the little pieces get everywhere don't they?

    And doors, oh yeah! The one to my eldest son, who is 18, is mostly kept shut by me so I don't have to see all the mess and piles of washing on the floor! 

  12. Thank you Janina. Your daughter and my son sound like kindred spirits in their love of animals then! 

  13. Thank you Chantal and welcome to Glamour Drops! Off to check out your own lovely looking blog in more leisurely fashion now.

  14. The Devoted Classicist24/9/11 10:54 AM

    You will appreciate those pulls in the first image even more if you reverse them.

  15. Sorry, that comment did not come out right. The convention is that the drop ring rests against the backplate/escutcheon to protect the drawer finish.

  16. Possibly, although they were upside down when we bought the dresser, and from the state of their fixings they look like they have always been that way, so I rather liked the provenance of leaving them how they were. 
    After all, if you have been upside down for 100 years, you may like to stay that way! 

  17. robinsonheather24/9/11 5:22 PM

    I love the sparkly elephant too. All things to make one happy! 

  18. Fourth Daughter24/9/11 7:19 PM

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, yours is great too! Lots of inspiration and yesterday's slice post looked toooooo delicious!

  19. Yes, good observation Heather! He is a very happy child, so perhaps that is why he has chosen all these things! The sparkly elephant was a gift from a friend who brought it back from India.

  20. Why thank you! Sad to report that the slice has all been eaten didn't even make it to the weekend! 

  21. Carla@DesignintheWoods25/9/11 2:03 AM

    Love that bedding.  The embroidery is beautiful!  I agree, it's all in the details!

  22. And beautiful details you have...adore the bedding and the handles on the chest are wonderful!!

  23. renee finberg26/9/11 5:44 AM

    i really like it.
    ther are so much rich in color and texture. yummy.

  24. Sarah Klassen26/9/11 7:10 AM

    So sweet and beautifully done! I really like the details and thought given to the space :)

    Hope you are having a lovely Sunday. Thank you for the kind comments this week...

    xx, Sarah

  25. cute design,adorable dolls,


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