Sep 5, 2011

The impossible brilliance of a Peacock Tail...

We took the tweenager to see Love Never Dies
on Saturday night,
and I am not sure if I got more pleasure from the 
stunning production, 
or from seeing his face beam and light up 
at every more-bedazzling set. 
But it was this scene, 
of Christine dressed in brilliant blue
with an enormous peacock tail backdrop
filling almost the entire stage,
that made me wonder anew at the beauty of this illustrious bird.
In 1958 Barbara Bash painted this homage to the colourful fellow,
in "Peacock" which is on display at the National Gallery of Victoria
Pamela Usanto has interpreted the peacock
quite literally on her amazing gown. 
And this shimmering copper sequin skirt by Matthew Williamson 
would surely grab attention. 
Which, after all, is the whole point of the peacock's tail.
Inspired by the pattern as much as the colour,
the Raven Kauffman clutch is intriguing.
Liberty of London have long been associated
with peacock fabrics, 
so they have recently commissioned artist Kerry Lemon 
to hand paint this extraordinary graphic in their beauty hall.
Astonishingly beautiful illustration,
and worthy of such an astonishingly beautiful bird
which continues to capture our imaginations.


  1. Beautiful! I've always loved peacocks!

  2. Claudia Lane5/9/11 11:46 AM

    C. looks stunning in blue, doesn't she? The background looks absolutely brilliant, what a lovely thing to do with your tweenager.
    Peacocks are gorgeous...I love the beautiful illustrations you are showing here :)
    Have a great day Virginia 
    Claudia xo

  3. Mapleandvine5/9/11 12:37 PM

    ooo ive heard love never dies is amazing! loving all the beautiful blues in these photos!

  4. Jane and Lance Hattatt5/9/11 4:11 PM

    Hello Virginia:
    How wonderful is the Barbara Bash painting, but so too are all of the illustrations in this most intriguing of posts. Peacock blue is such a daring colour but so effective here. 

  5. The illustration of the peacock  by Kerry is stunning! ... so too is the image of Christine.
    Beautiful post Virginia ...

  6. Hi Virginia

    what a great thought of taking your child to see such a wonderful production.

    Now I know from a previous post of mine how much you said you love peacocks - and I have to agree with you  - there is something so amazing about them isn't there and their colours are a real act of nature.

    have a wonderful day lovely lady


  7. Peacocks are fascinating birds, large and noisy with such elegant plumage.  They have long been a source of art inspiration whether in gowns, fabrics, wallcoverings, hats, or other wearables.  Love this post!


  8. Peacocks has inspired fashion and style. The bird is out of this world . Do you ever see an albino peacock? Yes there is an albino peacok and it is just simply amazing.

  9. Hiya, thanks so much for featuring my Liberty London drawing on your lovely blog! Best Kerry Lemon


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