Sep 1, 2011

Golden Yellow: a happy colour for spring or anytime!

Today is the first day of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere.
Which means it is also Wattle Day in Australia.
After such a wet winter, Melbourne has erupted 
in a sea of golden yellow over the last month, 
with each wattle plant trying to outdo its rivals 
in a bid for glorious colour across the city.
This little wattle tree is in my front garden.
Yellow is such a happy colour  - and one for all seasons,
not just spring. 
For summery dresses...
Or cosy winter sitting rooms.
For glamourous dinner party settings...
Or wedding ruffles.
Yellow is one of my all-time favourite colours. 
It brings that happy burst of sunshine with it,
and never fails to lift a mood.

Images: 1: vintage Billiard Balls; 2/8: Wattle in blue fruit's garden
3: Loved you First dress by Steele Melbourne 4: cupcakes
5: house for sale 6/10: Atlantic Pacific 7: vintage magazine ad
9: earings 11: photography by Chris Court 12: vintage sunglasses
13: via 14: vintage fashion illustration Melbourne Fine Art  15: Ryan Foote artist 16: Shuster Design


  1. Annie Loveridge1/9/11 11:11 AM

    As usual, so many beautiful images thank you! Your wattle tree is glorious and I love the look of that sofa (with the bubbles loaded within reach...that may be why...), but those bar stools are AMAZING!

    Made your 'Rumbah' salad last night...finally! It really was delicious thank you and will definitely be made again soon. All the different textures made it I think....and the parmesan (yum)! Annie x. 

  2. Hi Annie! A well stocked bar cart is always pretty high on my list of lovelies too. Thrilled you made the Rumbah salad and enjoyed it. Yes, I think you are right, it must be the variation of textures which makes it work - a bit like the classic pear, macadamia & rocket salad which we practically live on. 

  3. Georgica Pond1/9/11 12:35 PM

    Beautifully coordinated and thoughtful selection of delicious bright and sunny images. So positive and uplifting. So enjoyed browsing through them all.

  4. Annie Loveridge1/9/11 12:36 PM

    How funny - we live on the same but with pinenuts as Macadamias in NZ would mean extending the mortgage! It's easy, delicious and I play around with the dressing to convince everyone it's different!

    I also love that dress and would be the coolest mum on the school run in those fab sunnies! Speaking of school run...x.

  5. Thank you Mel! Glad they are uplifting - that's the power of this amazing colour! 

  6. What a hoot - to use pinenuts in Australia, we would be extending the mortgage! Which is a shame because they are delicious. What dressing do you use? Mine is mostly macadamia oil (oh dear, there I go again!) and aged Balsamic vinegar. 

  7. Karen Xavier1/9/11 3:10 PM

    These are some lovely the wattle tree in your garden, love the earrings and the bar stool. Glad I stumbled upon your blog, its a treat to see gorgeous pictures...

  8. Thank you Karen and glad you stumbled upon this blog too! 

  9. Claudia Lane1/9/11 4:17 PM

    gorgeous yellow with black and neutrals, it's just divine :)

    Claudia xo

  10. Jane and Lance Hattatt1/9/11 5:00 PM

    Hello Virginia:
    Happy Spring!! Your images depict yellow in a variety of ways but each is superb for both tone and tint and for the highly imaginative way in which the colour is used. Much here to reflect upon - if not copy!!

  11. Hi Jane & Lance! Thank you - it is indeed a happy spring day in Melbourne - the birds are singing, the sun is shining and the air is heavily scented with the unmistakable aroma of wattle flowers - pure glory. That's not to say the evenings are not still chilly - we can happily sit by a roaring log fire with a glass of wine - but the air has a different feel and the light has changed. As you said the other day, you are gifting summer over to us for safe keeping. 

  12. Hmmm... a fab combination Claudia! A bit of black brings in some edginess. 

  13. Annie Loveridge1/9/11 5:37 PM

    Rats - no macadamia oil! I use olive or avocado oil and either aged Balsamic (yum) or lemon juice. Simple but always good. Oh, and lots of pepper. Also peel parmesan over sometimes. Isn't food fabulous?!

  14. Claire M Neville1/9/11 6:22 PM

    Lovely post. Yay for spring! And chocolate and beetroot cake? I think I might need to get the recipe

  15. robinsonheather1/9/11 6:33 PM

    Warning! I am going to say something cheesy but of course you love yellow--it is perfect with your sunny disposition. :)

  16. Oh yes, I love yellow! 

  17. WHAAAAT how amazing is this - yellow have always been my fave color - still is and don't even get me started on that Marilyn picture :) Happy spring Virginia - we are rapidly approaching autumn (after a drenched summer )

  18. I really love all of the yellow. The dress with the little flowers is my favorite photo! Great post!!

    'Please visit our new website'

  19. Oh boom-boom! Cheese is yellow - I get it! 

  20. Claire I just made it up because we had lots of beetroot so I thought I could sneak it into something the boys wouldn't notice! I'll make it again and take note of the amounts then let you know what they are. It was incredibly moist. 


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