Sep 14, 2011

Controlled Chaos & Folded lines: Debut Collection from Sonya Kraan

Playing with folds & pleats 
as if the wool fabric were paper origami, 
this is the debut 2012 collection by Sonya Kraan.
"Riding the Storm Clouds"
was inspired by the tortuous effects of migraine headaches.
She has played with layers, 
some turned up,
some turned down,
to represent the sense of chaos suffered.
Amazing that something so awful 
has inspired such beautiful clothes.
If this is what she can do with a migraine brief, 
imagine what else this young designer is capable of.
Kraan's collection would go brilliantly 
with some of these Samantha Wills jewellery pieces, I think. 
They have that same sense of controlled chaos.
Considering Sonya was a student just a few years ago, 
and this is her debut collection for her own label, 
something tells me this is one young designer to watch. 


  1. GlamKitten8814/9/11 12:18 PM

    The white jacket is stunning!  I'm still searching for the perfect one. @GlamKitten88 

  2. Annie Loveridge14/9/11 3:26 PM

    The dresses are so pretty and the fabric works so beautifully with her design. I would love to wear them - with opaque tights on my legs looking at the lengths though!  Annie x.

  3. Ah, is there ever such a thing? 

  4. Yep, that's my trick too Annie (she says as she is wearing black opaque tights herself!) 

  5. The pin tucking and folds added so much visual interest in the designs. What a great design concept! Very chic and original!


  6. Marina @ Iced-VoVos14/9/11 7:09 PM

    Stunning designs and beautiful cocktail rings!
    The little trench coat is also darling ... what a talent ... and I love  how she has been inspired by something as debilitating as migraine headaches!
    Thanks for sharing this very talented designer, Virginia.

  7. All of her designs are gorgeous, I'm in love with the coat though!

  8. renee finberg15/9/11 2:33 AM

    this is too hot!!!
    i love each piece including the jewelry!

  9. LR @ Magnificent or Egregious15/9/11 11:02 AM

    I love the coat!  Very nice designs!

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