Sep 13, 2011

Botanical Artist + Ceramist = Exquisite Breakfast Bowls!

 Spotted recently at the Design Made Trade show,
were these fetching limited edition bowl & beaker sets 
which is a collaboration between ceramist Ingrid Tufts
& botanical artist Arnolda Beynon.

The Eucalyptus Ficifolia design is the first 
in a series exploring the rustic beauty of Australian native plants.
I love the richness of the golden grey-green on the inside of the pieces,
contrasted with the simple black & white line drawing on the outside. 
What a charming way to start the day, 
with a latte in the beaker & freshly made muesli in the bowl,
and perhaps a sprig of gum blossom on the side! 

It's a lovely reminder to see the beauty in simple things.


  1. Lovely blog.  I lived in Melbourne in the mid-90's with my two young children. We loved it there.  Glen Iris, my son went to Caulfield Grammar.  So glad I found you via Mix and Chic blog.  I had a commercial design background before going residential too.  It is more fun!

  2. Hello Carla and delighted that you found me! Especially via Jessie's gorgeous blog too! 
    Well what a small world it is, and isn't it interesting how so many of us have similar backgrounds, despite now living in different countries. Design is such a universal thing! 

  3. Annie Loveridge13/9/11 12:37 PM

    Beautiful images as usual Virginia thank you - very calming. I especially like the colour inside too; it's perfect. I was fascinated by gum nuts when I was young and we used to make 'gum nut people' out of them. Bet my girls can't do that on Nintendo!

  4. Hello Annie! Oh we used to do that too - inspired by the old gum nut babies books perhaps - but the wonderful shapes are such a spark to the imagination. Hmm...Nintendo and consoles...don't get me started on that one....I almost despair that our young generation will lose the ability to imagine things on their own...hope I am wrong...

  5. Joy at Joyfulthings14/9/11 1:26 AM

    The shape and color of the pots are made even more beautiful by the botanical design on them.  Just lovely!  Living on the other side of the world I have never seen gum blossoms and think they are spectacular - wish I could grown them here (along with PassionFruit!)

  6. Rachel {Da Paura}14/9/11 4:49 AM

    These are absolutely stunning.  I am amazed at the detail that is captured in these gorgeous pots... so lovely and elegant!

  7. Beautiful pieces! Love the illustration as well as a pop of color inside!


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