Sep 22, 2011

Baking: Salted Caramel Chocolate Slice...

As we have become rather partial to salted caramel macarons
of late, I thought I would experiment with the same 
flavours in the classic Chocolate Caramel Slice recipe,
always a favourite amongst children & adults for it's rather
moreish rich taste.

By adding a layer of crunchy salted peanuts
between the dense coconut-sprinkled base
and the darkly delicious soft caramel middle,
there is a brilliant contrast of textures. 
And by using treacle, 
(instead of golden syrup) for the caramel, 
a richer, more malty flavour balances the salty peanuts.
I normally bake on Sundays,
but with 2 teenagers in exam mode in the house, 
we are going through food at an alarming pace.
So last night, while the oven was cooking a 
sensational Moroccan-inspired tagine of 
free-range chicken, sliced whole oranges, 
chick peas, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, paprika, 
celery, fresh chili, dates & garlic,
I thought I may as well whip up some of these slices.

That should keep the biscuit jar filled for a day or two! 


  1. This looks absolutely delicious...can hardly wait to try!!

  2. YUM!!!! must try this.
    good luck with those examing children!

  3. Claudia Lane22/9/11 12:35 PM

    yum- yum! they look delicious :)

    Claudia xo

  4. Georgica Pond22/9/11 1:15 PM

    That wouldn't last a day in this house - looks delicious and great for keeping those studying brains on the go!

  5. Kelly Green22/9/11 1:18 PM

    I have been making these alot lately and the children love them! (not with the nuts but will give it a go......thanks for the variation! Your recipe is exaclty the same as mine and I make thrm in the thermomix! XX

  6. Yu-um. They look scrumptious! Any baking this weekend? Perhaps bake an extra batch, as I may have to call around to sample :) 

  7. thank you Cheryl! One is in the final year of school - and one in first year uni - so it feels like a library around here! 

  8. Oh dear, your house must be like ours then....there seems to be a mouse loose in the house somewhere...the kind that has a sweet tooth and knows how to open jars and then put the lid back neatly...

  9. Oh how funny! I am in a spate of making old fashioned cakes and biscuits lately - you must be doing the same thing. But let me know how you go with this peanut and treacle version - and if your kids prefer it or the original. 

  10. Thank you Viv! You know you are ALWAYS welcome to pop in and sample! 

  11. I havent tried the salty caramel flavor yet - but this has got to be a home DIY project - YUMMY :)
    Good exam luck for the kids and have a great day sweets,

  12. Hello Anya! You haven't? Ye gods, you don't know what sublime deliciousness you are missing! It's our current favourite flavour of to raspberry and rosewater...
    But macaroon baking eludes me so this is a much easier way to cook! Thank you for the good luck wishes! 

  13. My mouth is watering!! wow - these look amazing! I am a total sucker for anything with caramel and sea salt. YUM!
    xo Allison

  14. robinsonheather22/9/11 6:42 PM

    Your kids are going to kick butt on their exams as they will be so hyped up on sugar! :) I can't imagine having those in my house--I would eat them all and not share them!

    Your tangine sounds delicious too. Did you bake it in a special ceramic tangine dish or not? We have lots of folks with North African roots here in Arles and this is a dish that I would really like to know how to make...

  15. Hello dear Heather. No, not in a ceramic tagine dish because, and you will hoot with laughter no doubt, I reckon it works a lot better in my French made Le Creuset casserole!  This is the best piece of kitchen equipment I have ever had, and can't believe I only bought it recently. (Well it took a bit of saving up for...) It is brilliant for Indian, Indonesian & Malay style curries too. A cross-culture dish, if you will.
    I just browned the chicken thigh fillets on one side in the Le Creuset on the cooktop, in olive oil, sprinkling the other side with all the spices. So when they were turned over, the spices roasted onto the chicken. Scent was divine!!! Then added the sliced oranges and caramelised them for a few minutes. Then everything else, and about a cup of stock, put the lid on and put it in a slow oven (150 C) for about 1 and 1/2 hours. I don't cook with much meat, as you know, so there was only about 500 gm chicken but lots and lots of chick peas and veggies. Oh, forgot to mention roasted capsicums on the list of ingredients. Using sliced whole oranges gives a wonderful flavour, and it is a sneaky trick I use quite a lot. 

    So it was very easy - but very good - and the children decided it should be on the menu again. Let me know how you go with it! 

  16. Oh how delish and decadent!! I sometimes wish I did not have such a sweet toth!

    Art by Karena

    I hope you come to enter my Giveaway from Interieurs!

  17. Yes me too, Karen! Then I could walk past the biscuit jar without taking a piece! 

  18. Transito inicial23/9/11 12:58 AM

    oh! delicious! I like to decorate cakes with flowers!

  19. Oh no! Just what I need ....   Another delicious recipe involving chocolate!  Love the seaside daisy garnish.
    Cheers, Marigold.

  20. OMG!  This looks delicious, have to try this weekend.
    Guilherme, my son, got a job in the North, very far from here (I'm already crying),  he deserves a treat like this.
    Have a sweet weekend.

  21. robinsonheather23/9/11 8:15 PM

    The Creuset kicks butt doesn't it? Sorry to be so American, but it is true. It is essential. We have two and to give you an idea how much we use our big one...well, we've worn it out! I didn't think it possible but after ten years, yep, we did. :) So we are going shopping for a new one. This time I want one that doesn't have the rubber pull on the top so that I can put it in the oven with the lid on! Will definitely try your tangine--here they often have a mega dose of cinammon and prunes too. And served on couscous of course! 

    Bon WE copine!

  22. Thelaurelhedge25/9/11 8:16 PM

    And of course they are totally calorie free! Thanks V for allowing us to fall off the diet wagon so spectacularly.
    Millie x


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