Aug 30, 2011

An Upside Down Garden Party with Upside Down Plants?

Imagine an upside down tea party,
at London's old Shoreditch station,
where the garden is all hanging upside down.
It would be such fun to eat a cake like this,
but should the guests be right side up or down side down I wonder?
It's not as silly as it sounds.
The garden is made possible with these Boskke planters,
designed to hang, well, upside down. 
And to celebrate the launch of the new range
of decorated Sky Planters,
illustrated by Marcus Oakley & Arran Gregory,
Jaguar Shoes is putting together an Upside Down Garden Party.
Which absolutely tickles my fancy.
You could have lots of fun with the decorations.
And serve upside pineapple cake.
But of course the centrepiece would have to be 
the rather fanciful Sky Planters.
With the myriad possibilities of plants that could be used,
it could become a veritable forest.

It's all rather fun, don't you think?

Sky Planters: Boskke
Upside Garden Party: Jaguar Shoes


  1. eclecticrevisited30/8/11 9:54 AM

    these are wonderful for limited space like apartments
    and are great for novelties sake too...
    I can see kids finding these entertaining as well..
    including the upside down party..  :)

  2. These would be great with pretty flowers although I do wonder how you can them watered. An upside down tea party seems very Alice in Wonderland - would be a great party to plan!

  3. Oh yes, children would love them Maureen! They would be a lovely thing to hang in a child's room - that's a great idea. 

  4. Hi Anna - yes I wondered that too, but they are watered from the top. All seems rather extraordinary. But I guess plants are adaptable, so as long as they have nutrients, light and water, perhaps they are perfectly happy to be upside down! 

  5. Hi virginia

    Now what are you trying to do to me?  Hang on  minute - oh that's better - I am now typing this standing on my head!

    how bizzare - I don't think I would want to stand or sit under the pot plants - I would think they were going to fall out any moment.

    have a fun day funny lady!


  6. You are a delightful wag Loulou! It's a bit mind boggling how they stay in - but there is a mesh cover that holds them in place. (I think I agree with you though - I wouldn't want to sit under them either - kind of defies logic!) 

  7. Kelly Green30/8/11 11:38 AM

    What fun - you are right! I saw these at the trade fair and they are def. a wonderful idea! You are so good at these posts....i am lucky to write 5 words atm! KG xx

  8. i like upsidedown! is cool : )

  9. Rachel Callaghan31/8/11 11:13 AM

    I. LOVE. THESE!!! R

  10. This is such a cool idea! I wonder how this works? 


  11. These planters are a real find but I must know, why doesn't the dirt fall out???

  12. Love the idea! The picture with the cake is great!!

    'Please visit our new website'

  13. My very same thought! They have a mesh cover at the bottom, to hold the plant securely in, and there is a ceramic disc a bit further down the pot, with a hole for the stem to poke through, which holds the soil in. The roots grow at the top of the planter, where there is a hole to put water and nutrients in.


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